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That will be zhelev eyes on payperview of kurdish jackson aka a 50 m money floyd mayweather that t empty team is bringing you guys daddy while puppy seems to be in his feelings about that in other gum corruption going on in the hip hop community he says that the game has definitely change because it's a lotta kuhnen and buffoon going on that it is not a good looking at some point yet god up that i agree with sean cold salute to perfect for that and i'm with it the only thing that i will say that i agree on is this we know that rat beefs an internet beast can always pan out kinda miss the dangerous things can happen yoho um i don't condone fighting on any level or violence on any level but if they're going to do a pretty charity match to settle the beach and the proceeds are allegedly to go to a charity i'm with that because if you're gonna do street violence and street politics and all of that that is the people end up her dead an ngo but if it's for a good cause it is turned into a sports event like boxing with the proper commentary referees that all of that and the proceeds go to charity a good 'cause i say let him have that it they the same age of kids they will once friends and i look at it like this brothers and sisters fight anyway as long as nobody gets hurt in his you know for sport purity let him have that it let them keep kuhn imminent buffoonish puppy said it that's my take on that we spend too much time on now but we go keep it movin well congratulations to rose they yes ricky ricky ross he buys back the blot would new checkers restaurant deal so salute emv that i know owns a couple of wings dots in a couple other businesses so that's was that that's the way to make proper us smith because you can wrap forever their age so saluting maybe other unita's will take note you know that's the way you do it so moving right along scott stores the legendary producers distorts he thouse for an.

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