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I actually believe everybody deserves a a second chance. I really fundamentally do and I believe good people can do bad things I think we're all capable of it and I respect those people who admit to so what they did and then they pay their price and then they have another chance you could have that you really could but you're going to dying jail. If you keep denying that you did certain crimes you know that right. I know I believe in my heart that what the coot will come out and I believe that when the evidence comes out I will be exonerated and and right for both this crime Jeremy. I keep trying to go back to share meany but he won't. I didn't get I wasn't charged and and you know I have nothing to do with should we but in the court of public opinion you're still convicted. People can have an opinion own and I'm only responsible for my own actions. I'm not responsible for what other people do. What do you WanNa say to share me knees family because they do think you killed her. I can only say that I didn't do anything wrong and my heart goes out to their family and I hope that the person responsible does you know. Fortunately I don't think that's going to happen. I just wish that this never happened. you know like I think this is horrible and there's nothing that can NB said like. I wish I could help but I can't said you don't think the person responsible will be held responsible. Why I think title you know like to me is that I feel that people. Should you know like hit investigators. They should have done a better job by investigating and I think they win in the wrong direction and I think that they wasted a lot of time in valuable time.

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