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Whether you're catching a flight or hitting the road. I'm Peter King at Orlando international airport. Big luggage carts are rolling. And so are the passengers Shelly Advil Meister is headed to his in laws in Columbus. Ohio for check in and security up till here. Not too bad. I mean, I dropped off my wife and kids at the checking the baggage they're already through security just took parking and getting over here takes a while longer. This'll be one of the country's busiest holiday airports with nearly two million passengers expected to pass through here in the next two weeks by some estimates. This could be the busiest travel period in thirteen years perhaps ever the AAA is predicting fifty four million of us will be on the move a dire health warning now from the CDC do not eat or by Romain lettuce. It's a warning about a new e coli outbreak. This is potentially very serious illness, and they want people to get rid of any Romain lettuce. They have CBS news chief medical correspondent, Dr John lapook symptoms include painful, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and occasionally you can get kidney failure at least thirty two people have gotten sick and eleven states. Eighteen in Canada. President Trump's defying calls to punish Saudi Arabia further for the assassination of critic journalist Jamal kashogi a position this roiling, some Republicans as well as Democrats CBS's. Steven Portnoy, president statement on the matter. Angered retiring Republican Senator Bob corker. It was as if they were riding a press. Release for the Saudi Arabia not for the United States in shrugging off the intelligence that suggests the Saudi Crown prince was behind Jamal cash hoagies, killing Mr. Trump says maintaining a solid economic relationship with the kingdom is most important. We're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders, but bipartisan opposition to future arms deals with the Saudis is growing in congress fire now rain forecast for much of California chart and devastated by nearly two weeks of catastrophic wildfires, but now with the rain comes the danger of mudslides, some of those burned out of their homes in the community of paradise are expressing gratitude for the firefighters and other volunteers. People like us need it. You lose everything. Unbelievably they've opened their hearts they've opened their homes. I am so grateful for these people the number of fire related deaths. Now Eighty-one he's played dozens of memorable characters like the loner in the film taxi driver talking to me. I'm the only one here. Robert deniro reportedly splitting up with his wife, grace Hightower married for more than twenty years..

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