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Spa steer fox news eric trump like his father says the news media is unfair in its coverage of the president or things for us all yes do i think washington is a lot more corrupt wound and most americans think absolutely no question about it he and his wife sat down with fox's sean hannity says he thinks obamacare will be repealed my father cares tremendous lee about repealing obamacare because this disaster he says republicans in congress have to step up to get healthcare done balancing the environment and the economy and new plan to protect the sage growth and economic development the interior departments announced the new strategy to allow mining and logging and other prohibited activity in places where those ground dwelling burn woods live it affects eleven states in the west were the old berl nubby more flexibility to work with the federal government to protect the birds habitat without shutting everything down around it there's word gugel has fired an engineer who wrote a 10page memo critical of the company's culture the memo was internal but once leaked it went viral igniting a firestorm across the tech industry in it the gugel employee rails against the company's diversity policies arguing biological differences play a role in the shortage of women in tech and leadership the engineer identified as jane sda more emailed bloomberg to say he was fired for quote perpetuating gender stereotypes google won't confirm the firing but in an earlier statement to employees google ceos sinndar pinch i said the employee crossed the line and violated the company's code of conduct carmen roberts fox news a group of hackers posting more stuff stolen from hbo online including would appear to be game.

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