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Justice Andrew Good to be Back after the long holiday weekend and thank you for spending some time with us. We still have some open lines. If you want to take part in the program here in the final segment, 651 99 5855 or use the hashtag T CME T on Twitter or parlor. So back in, uh preferably parlor 2000 and eight There was this program. It was the Raza Ethnic studies program inside a Tucson Unified School District, the largest school district in the state of Arizona. Now this was a Is that it wasn't an elective wasn't it goes there requirement it was it was. It was elective. It was it was an elective, but you could take it in place of American other credits right, taking them counted as an American history credit. This was fought tooth and nail. There was a there was a teacher inside of the program. John Ward, who came out and rule ended up leaving. You know, leaving the school district, Um, after he was exposed to what they were teaching inside these that things that these courses on ended up making quite a bit of quite a bit of news, and it it was. It was one of the stories that actually put the show that we were doing on the map in Southern Arizona at the time. So much so that the tooth the The state superintendent. Gosh is named now ex Kate. So Tom Horn. Tom Horn had actually pushed through legislation to ban the curriculum because it was decidedly anti American. It is it is anti American, and it is It's an indoctrination and what we saw where kids coming out of this program that went in, you know, normal, happy loving, you know, fun loving kids and came out radicalized, essentially radicalized came out with distinctly strong anti American views. I may even have I didn't even think about like, Keep Keep certain articles from a long time ago, um, in my in my folder in the off chance they pop up again on the look of it a little bit later on, but it was. It's fascinating because of the time when we were pushing against this particular program. Um, I still remember some of the marriage of the program and what John Ward had come out and talked about and what he was so concerned about. You know, the police were the extension of the white man's hand. They keeping them Individuals in their in their ghettos that minority groups were already at a disadvantage because the curriculum was racist against them. I mean, it was. It was horrible, horrible anti American stuff. And you flash forward and we've talked about this. You know, you go back to 2000 and eight you go back to 2007. You look at the ages of those students. And this is a This is a class that Had sort of had been sprinkled men around the country. It wasn't it wasn't in all the school district is just a handful of them in certain parts of the country. But we talked about the fact that when you track the ages of the kids that went through these courses And then you fast forward to now it's pretty clear that a majority of the individuals that have been causing so much devastation across the country, especially your antifa types, who are who are believing this kind of know most mainstream garbage coming from the left that came from these classes. Where individuals that were influenced, You know, we we call them back Then these were activists courses. You know, Drew. Drew is 100% right? That's what we were told time and time again, The students would come out of these courses angry. I saw this this morning and I just where they found all their kids to take part in chaining themselves to, you know to to immigration facilities. Theo beating the crap out of effigies of Joe Arpaio violently. You know, this is where this where all these kids come from, They have these little indoctrination radicalization centers. They pump him through. They pump him out, and now they're the ones occupying our streets and setting up autonomous zones in Minneapolis and Seattle and Portland. I saw this this morning and I just was shaking my head man, the Minneapolis from the after Alfa News, The Minneapolis Board of Education hopes its new ethnic studies requirement requirement. No. We'll help students develop skills down to become agents of change and create a learning environment environment that leads to action. This this'll would be a requirement. And from the Minnesota from the Minneapolis born of Education, a requirement starting with classes in 2025, all Minneapolis, students must earn a passing grade. In an ethnic studies course, according to a resolution that was passed by the school board earlier this month, a zoo opposed as I am to this. I don't worry about it too much because nobody graduates from Minneapolis schools anymore. So it's a really good point. Yeah, that's a really good point. Yeah, it's our responsibility to provide this opportunity for deep examination of power structures in our society, along with identifying ways to develop skills. You become agents of change now states the resolution, and by the way, just up front. It's just another one of those circumstances where the messaging and the way that they way that they term Things is such that the immediately what the ability to push back on it. For example. You go like why I'm against ethnic studies. You must be a racist then. Because why are you against the studying of other ethnicities? No, no, no, That's not. That's not what it is. Well, what's happened, But that's but that's But this is ethnic studies. This is this is critical Race theory. Yes, that's what this is the amended graduation requirement. Define an ethnic studies courses, one that includes the quote, explicit exploration of identity and Intersectionality, prioritizes the history and culture of historically marginalized groups, discusses the history and current role of race, racism and anti racist work and creates interdisciplinary learning that leads to action. No, this is just a bunch of radicalization, and you could frame it and all of your little your little nice language. You know, it's just anti racist work. Well, you know what? I've seen first hand the type of materials that you're giving out to teachers and other faculty members that is classified as anti racist, and it's not anti racist. It's pretty damn racist. Actually, because I've read it myself. I've seen it first. And it is all about exploring your whiteness and all your white privilege, and it just demonizes the white people across the board. In the in these in these anti racist literature that you're putting out there, and it forces people to change the way they think that's the that's the That's their goal. It's pretty Marxist. It's very Marxist, Pretty fascist school board member. Really Oh, it's all very awful. School board member Kimberly Capri. Me. I said she is looking forward to the conversation about how we could modify ethnic studies for middle school and elementary age students. I think by doing that we will definitely be in a better position to change the trajectory of racism in this country theater acceptance of differences they understanding of different cultures and just being more respectful of each other and celebrating each other's culture. And, yes, This course. Doesn't do any of that. There is not a country on the planet that is more accepting of different cultures than this one. Yep, there is not a country on the planet. That's it mention that such a job you're not parents. I know it is important for us to recognize that our history and our under and I'll understanding of history. Has been rooted in white supremacy for a long, long time in the United States, certainly and elsewhere, said the school board member Nelson Ins. I think to some extent is disappointing that we have to create a separate space for ethnic studies, he added later suggesting that the states Magic educational standards are embedded in white supremacy. Just really just did the state educational standards Drew are embedded in white supremacy. Better tear it all down them. Yeah, she's seriously just tear it all down. She really get rid of it all. We should get rid of the department of Public education. Yeah, let's get rid of all state level departments that have anything to do with education on Let's get it back down to the highest level of government that that that that is involved in your kid's education. Is at the county level. Let's do that..

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