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Donate. You'll have the right way street to an organization or a charity, you can just get me something. There you go. It'll be like a bridal registry. It'll be your birthday. Exactly my birthday nice idea. We're not planning on doing good for humanity. I I'm in favor of good for humanity. You don't like humanity am anti gay. All right. Let's do this thing. We've got Jonathan Watson here to compete nobody. Look over this way, it is. Elon Musk's birthday today? He's the fancy car guy. Oh, yeah. Someday, someday. One of his cars will be affordable for a regular person right now. It's just super rich people to buy the tesla. So you and Ireland. No, not I'm driving a Mazda. All right. Here we go. This is just factor fiction. Jonathan welcome to the show, by the way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Number one, Henry Ford started his first motor vehicle company in eighteen ninety nine it was called the Detroit automobile company is that fact or is that fiction. Greg facts. Greg, says fact, Brian fiction fiction Jonathan Watson fact. Jonathan watson. And Greg are on the board. It is an absolute fact. Eighteen ninety-nine good job for heaven. The United States is home to around a third of all. All the cars in the world. Is that fact or is that fiction? Go start with Brian fiction fiction. Greg fiction fiction. Jonathan fact, it is not a fact. I'm sorry. It's the home to about a quarter of the car is in the world. That's update bird is a gigantic number pick number. All right. Number three, and eggs can repair an engines, leaky radiator, an egg can repair. An engines, leaky radiator start with you. Jonathan factor fiction, fixing fiction, Brian. I'm not trying that about, I'll say fact, but I'm still not trying back, Greg. Yeah. I think it's a fact it's weird. It is a fact, you can drop an egg in a, leaky radiator and it'll all congealed and it will stop the leak sound like a good idea. Good temporary fix learning mechanics. Others at a good idea to work. It works works. A lot of stuff duct tape works, apparently what else can I drop in my radiator? It's a lot of stuff works. There you have it. All right. My takeaway put anything you want in your radiator. It's fine Nissan. Leaf is the top selling electric car in the world, the Nissan leaf top-selling electric car in the world. Start with you Greg fiction fiction. Brian fiction fiction Jonathan fixing. I'm sorry. That is a fact, the Nissan leeann leaf ille- the best-selling electric car. The world number five Chevy invented the three point seat belt as we know it today Chevy invented the three point seat belt as we know it today. Jonathan. That's a fixing, that's a fiction. I agree fiction Brian's fiction. Greg is fiction. It is fiction. It was invented by Volvo invented the seat belts weeds number six the inventor of cruise control was blind. The inventor of cruise control was blind. Is that fact or is that fiction start with Brian that would make sense? Fat. Brian fact, Greg, I'm gonna say fiction, Greg says fiction Jonathan seems to fixing inside the say, fact fact, it is the inventor of cruise control was blind. And the last one is worth two and a half Jonathan your within striking distance so you get to go last. Okay. Using the vehicle's heater uses up more gas. I've always heard this using the vehicle's heater uses up more gas. Is that fact or is that fiction, Greg than his fiction for sure fiction? Greg says fiction. Brian, I will also say fiction fiction and Jonathan you gotta go the other way, really. It's fixing. It is fiction. The integrity of the game. This is the way heard is the a c it uses more gas Jonathan. You know what you win. Anyway. Thank you give that Manson. L. A F C tickets. Good job. We got more fasttrack coming up in two minutes..

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