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But yeah, that's right. So that would be a nice way for pit bull to start to wind down his Greece. But in some time, I'm not trying to show him the door or anything but multiple resign. And I, you know, one of them's a champ already. So it would've been tough for him to get out of his contract different. Your brother in the lightweight division. He's he's he's resigned as well. What's up they need different guys to fight? I think the pit bull brothers that would have been one of the things where if I'm doing that negotiation. I gotta think all right. I'm gonna resign. He's gotta make sure I have people because people show up because they wanna see the pit bull brothers. But it's not always about that one guy like you need, a dance partner, and I'd like to see a couple of different names sprinkled in there for them to fight. In retirement, George saint-pierre, buries a hatchet with UFC president. Dana white you. I really think there was much of one. Did you a little bit? Yeah. I think so. But I remember he was part of that association that they started like that didn't like that very much. That is true. He had this way that thing had legs. Man. I can't believe it was just they were big names. And it was a big announcement. Tim Kennedy came three years ago about news, Donald Sironi, TJ dillashaw, George Saint Pierre and one other gentleman. Who was that v? Jackson, brother. We all know, Marlin, Jackie Tito, Jermaine or whatever which was named off. I but was five wasn't there. Tim Kennedy came. Yeah. He's the one that actually is if there's anything left of etiquettes, he became kind of a figurehead after beyond revenue realized if I'm going to be involved that can't be a public figure head might be behind the scenes figured, but yeah, yeah. I remember. That's okay. I see what you're saying. I guess they're all good. I mean, I just thought they were all good because he allowed him to come back for another world title. But he wants to piss them off again when he when he just took off member, I think he had made a promise to Dana white. Yeah. So maybe that's what it was. But that's good. And I hope I hope because of that there's still that five to ten percent chance of Jeep Joyce NPR. My comeback. Anyway, that article is up by Steven Morocco and Mike bond if you want to check it out, but that was a really really good one. The SPN one salaries came out came Alaska's four hundred fifty he lost. There was no wind books too. That's just what he got member. We heard it wasn't just injury. It was a contract. Hold out. That was keeping them out. I don't know how public that was. But, but I think everyone knew that that was the case so disclose payroll for the car that just took place this past Sunday that included Francis. And Ghana defeating came Alaska's. Was one million eight hundred seventy one thousand dollars the total payroll. Here's how it broke down. Franson gone new. For instance, on two hundred and twenty thousand he got one hundred ten and one hundred and ten km. Alaska's four fifty. Paul Felder ninety two we got forty six to forty six James Vick, sixty five to show up Cinta Calvia Eighty-eight. She got forty four and forty four according to Casey fifty baby krone Gracie fifty two he got twenty five, and I guess twenty seven to show. Yeah. Because twenty five or twenty five sixty outsca Sarah's got fifty five to show. Sin-tae k eighty two was forty one and forty one for him. Brian Barberini also known as Vinnie. Bob Marino, he got thirty five. Jeez. Andre feely seventy four jeeze thirty seven and thirty seven miles jury thirty six thousand algebra sterling a hundred and forty includes a thirty thousand dollars win bonus..

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