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The way that everything looks what are going to going to be some of our first things that we notice stepping onto the martian surface. Mars is the one of the most earth like planets and the first thing. I think that everyone would notice is just how similar it seems The you know the mars day is is almost the same as an earth day. Only thirty seven minutes longer The year is quite a lot longer but the Axial tilt of mars is really really similar to the earth. So that's the thing that gives us our seasons so so any on any spot on mars you're gonna have you're going to be in a summer or winter or something like that and And so it's gonna look just just a lot similar to of the biggest differences that you're going to notice right away is the gravity and the atmosphere. The gravity is about a third of of of what on earth. And and so that would i mean. No one really knows what that exactly is going to be like. But i imagine it's not quite looking like when you're bouncing around on the moon if you've seen the video of the astronauts on the men But i think you would still have quite a spring in your step The biggest the biggest difference is definitely the atmosphere atmosphere on. Mars is very very thin And and so you need to have a base food.

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