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Com. The call came in this morning to there were two zero on the property one died as a result of the cold. But they said the sheriff said the property met standards for adequate provision for outside animals, the shelter food and water available shelter, water and food. Okay. Thank god. There was watering subzero temperatures awful awful. This story. I think is going to become a much bigger deal in the next week or two there's a charity fundraiser coming to fissures on Sunday February tenth it's the benefit of group called pure hands. Now, pure hands. If I'm understanding this right is a group that raises money for a lot of international causes and cases that they see fit the other raising money raising money for the humanitarian effort in Yemen. So that big fundraiser coming to Fisher's is February tenth six thirty to nine thirty at Delaware township community center. Oh, by the way, one of their keynote speakers is Linda Sarsour, our little wonder if the big critic of the Israeli state, she is one of the four national co chairs leading the two thousand nineteen women's March these same women's March. That is refusing to denounce Louis Farrakhan, one of the other national chairs put a picture of Farrakhan on Instagram hashtag goat. There's lots of accusations of antisemitism, left wing groups left, and right and left wing groups just falling although themselves distancing themselves from this women's March. Linda, Sarsour, all the all the there the chairs of clothing, the southern poverty Law Center. Hewing organization democratic national the DNC the ticket self. I couldn't imagine why you'd pick somebody to come speak with the controversial political movement to fight bigotry and hatred that your that your leader right there. Here's a little checklist of some of the things Linda Sarsour has been responsible for over the last couple of weeks to all the way going back to last year. She recently refused to mention the Jewish people in a post about holocaust remembrance day. Now normally somebody could probably spend that by saying, I brain farted. I can't believe I forgot to do that. I'm sorry. But keep in mind, she criticized Donald Trump for doing the exact same thing the Trump administration that a couple of years ago. I remember coming on the air insane. I didn't like that. What what are they doing? Why wouldn't they mentioned Jewish people on national holocaust remembrance day under the irony? Here is dripping. It's unbelievable. She called out Trump for doing the exact same thing in two thousand seventeen and called him an anti Semite. On Twitter fast, four to twenty one thousand nine she does the same thing. She also was critical back, and I'm yeah, I'm critical now tried to raise money for international causes by lying about a fundraiser. She was telling people this fund raiser. She was doing us for hurricane relief victims, and it wasn't. It was going to her own like international brand of causes. Let's go back to September of last year. Linda, Sarsour, the same Linda Sarsour, our coming to speak and Fisher's said that American Muslims shouldn't humanize as Railly's. It was Joe ally of last year she tweeted a happy birthday wish to a fugitive cop killer, and this is pure hands is inviting to come to speak at their big event in fissures on February tenth now. Look, I'm not a boycott guy. That's not who I am. I don't believe boycotts work. I'm not forced censoring anybody's ability to speak for spurt, free speech, free speech. I'm all in on it. But. At the same time. I just want consistency. So if you're somebody that has a problem if Ben Shapiro were to come to town and speak hand Coulter or Ann Coulter exactly any one of those folks, if you have a problem with those folks, but not Linda Sarsour, I don't want to hear it from you not at all. If you have a problem with Donald Trump being mean to somebody on Twitter, but you're perfectly fine with this. We have nothing to discuss here. Fire up the hypocrisy alert because listen, I think if you want to hear it go speak knock yourself out, but I don't wanna hear anymore whining, complaining bitching. If an Coulter Ben Shapiro or whoever does a speaking event on a college campus, not gonna happen. More backlash on that. It feels like disastrous townhall that Kamala Harris did with CNN she's gonna eliminate health insurance. If you missed it private health insurer looks listen to the exact words of what used to be the front runner for the Democrats twenty twenty race Kamala Harris in a town hall and CNN the other night to reiterate, you support the Medicare for all Bill. I think initially co sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders. You're also co onto I believe it will totally eliminate private insurance. So for people out there who like their insurance. They don't get to keep it. Well, listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care, and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company having them give you approval going through the paperwork, all of the delay. That may require let's eliminate all of that. Let's move on. Let them. Eliminate all of that dodge all of it. Yeah. Yeah. And that really raised the eyebrows of some of the the the people that work in the health insurance industries, but five hundred thousand of them, lots of Democrats to even former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg came out. And so yeah. You could never Ford that talking about trillions of dollars. That was a big time. Freshman mistake by Kamala Harris, it's going to be used against her in the democratic primaries. Well, already some of the high ranking Democrats they're going out and saying, hey, we want nothing to do with this crazy broad give it her the Heisman Trophy stiff arm, right? This is number two ranking democrat dick Durbin and the Senate, quote, it would take a mighty transition to move from where we are to that. Senator Tim Kaine two thousand sixteen democratic vice presidential nominee. I still think he's a weenie. But he's a pretty high ranking DEM quote about eighty percents of those who get insurance through their employers like their private plan. I'm not going to say you have to give it up. And then Senator Chris Murphy, a democrat of Connecticut, quote, it's a process you can't just pull the rug out from underneath of everybody's feet..

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