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And they're pairing with the best current player in the league to do in my delicious all the all the dislike that you Hey, you have to erase that from LeBron from the heat years because those never would have happened. He would be playing in Yur Bulls uniform and instead of six championships. From the United Center rafters, you probably have minimum 10. That's what I'm saying. If LeBron bashing Wade came here they want for that. When you went for they went to four championships. And you don't lose to Dirk Novitski and Jason Kidd with those three Derrick Rose and joking. No, I'm willing to go multiple championships. I'm not so sure I'd be willing to sign off on four. Just because so many different things can happen again. I'm just like I want ball. I'm looking for ball and balls on my mind. And I'm I'm thinking, Patrick Mahomes and he's on the front of my brain and hymen appears uniform has me salivating. So some history 10 years ago tonight, the decision TV that what I just did was gave you I voted with my heart, not my head. Right. Elias. That's the quarterback. That's the missing thing. That's our white whale. Right? Isn't that's the one thing the one thing that we don't we've never tasted. We've never had. 3123323776 We're gonna have a great discussion with Sam Macho. Why would Sam macho with the Commissioner of football, the mayor of Chicago and several star athletes from this town? He's going to share the big reason why coming up it for it will be a can't miss discussion. But coming up next, we'll have some models World Listeningto Bottle.

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