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In Cyril rise is the main one. It's It's has good flexibility and ease of management. Some. Guys do go into two or three way mix including oats and radishes rapeseed and clover for various reasons. But you know a lot of guys started off with civil rights. It's easy easy to work with. Lisa. Lisa cubic with the soil health partnership it doesn't have to be the whole farm and it doesn't have to be forty species. Right? You can say ten acres. Out Crazy twelve way mixed I know. About them and those are great. They do some great things. But to get started try one species tribe maybe to try something we find that the average seed cost is only fifteen dollars breaker. So, it's affordable and There are many different options to get involved. We'll talk some more here with the Scott Josh Hosa Kirkwood coming up clean water and. Starts here and today here's at Kirkwood community college forty, five three big things you need to know now brought to you by the I beam association funded by the sledding checkoff. Understanding, the numbers from three. USDA agencies to. Calculate. Corn Soybean, and we'd each calculation is slightly different and used for unique purpose according to University of Illinois Air Economist Rather Gary Schnittke Mass was the first and they're charged with coming up with. information relative to production in the United States and they do calculate the yields have done. So for a very long time. Yeah and he says, they're a little different method. Oh, than the essay and the RMA as they all perform different functions. Cooler wetter winter at least here in the north. That's the latest prediction from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releasing their US winter outlook. Now, they also indicated that whether impacts from an ongoing La Nina could be important when it comes to the winter weather here in Iowa. Clean Water and starts here today. Here's Kirkwood community college with our friends at the National Corridors Association Corn Growers Association soil, Health Partnership and practical farmers viable focusing in part on the value and importance of cover crops over six seventeen, hundred acres here. In the state we've seen all sorts of different things but year over year were really wanting to look at how that's changing. Helping us, better understand the role that we all have to play better embrace the role that we have to play in order to continue making progress on improving water quality twenty, seven those are three big things you need to know make every acre of soybeans your most productive benefit from objective third party insights of Iowa Soybean Association Research Center for Farming Innovation funded by the soybean checkoff get started at ace beans.

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