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Oh five point nine FM WBBM newsradio dot com WBBM news time eleven oh five on a busy Wednesday morning it's good to have you with us time Cisco koto in Chicago land we have some rain moving through and that's cooling things down a little bit but it's going to get warm again this afternoon headed up into the mid eighties right now it's sixty nine degrees will tell you all about the rest of the steamy week in your complete accu weather five day forecast that comes your way at eleven fifteen our top local story on news radio W. B. B. M. a protest March is under way in little village W. B. B. M.'s Mike Krauser joins us live with the latest L. Cisco the marchers stepped up about thirty minutes ago going through the main strip here in the little village neighborhood right up but twenty six street where all the businesses are businesses that were told to shut down yesterday afternoon for fear of of continued protests here this one is different this is a black and brown unity March according to Laura Ramirez an organizer with El Toro del pueblo they were very well okay good we have been fighting for well what is happening here in little village was when demonstrations were happening downtown and things were shut down some people moved over into this area and there were gang members who were guarding some of the store fronts here and some some of the local laws Rick residents here attacks he came into the neighborhood and so what these people are doing and added several hundred maybe five six hundred people here all marching in unity with brown and black people reporting live Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM the southside Chicago aldermen worries some good news may be overwhelmed by the bad news is the region tries to recover from Colby nineteen and amid the looting and unrest Walmart incorporated says it will re open all of its Chicago area stores damaged and looted by protesters violent this past week and twenty first ward alderman Howard Brookins junior applauds that but he says all the grocery stores and pharmacies and more were looted in close in this neighborhood too I'm grateful that Walmart is said that they will re open the closed doors we also can't lose sight of the fact that these local and regional Haynes who already struggle in in this pandemic who could not easily turn from in person store to online presence some of those stories may not open back up he says the problems of police misconduct economic divestiture and health care all need to be addressed Greg Gilmore newsradio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time traffic and weather together on the aids here's BO Duran we have some good news downtown access to downtown has been re opened off the expressway is lake shore drive back running once again but we have bad news if you're on the toll ways let's get right to Mr bad news with Chris hopper mill he is a mobile seventy today it got us some live wire on the southbound side of the tri state of south one hundred twenty seven looks like two right lanes are down there's a lot of smoke coming up from that speaking of fires earlier this morning we've been tracking this of the six o'clock hour northbound on three fifty five at a single unit propane delivery truck turned over just past Butterfield the back and caught fire it kind of ended up by resembling like a giant Tylenol shaped cigarette lighter against the median wall technical parts of Russian operations been keeping the cargo tank cool while controlling the flame Kool bloom to let the leaking product burn off that's the safest way to mitigate the issue three fifty five as a result block either way between Butterfield and Roosevelt northbound solid eighty eight the Butterfield reinforced off southbound is a solid pass north Roosevelt the alternates include all fifty three that's pretty messy right now and either highland.

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