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Lee Gifford Christmas special. No, he did this all the time. This is nine hundred ninety eight what's the difference between the twenty four hour flu in a Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas, special twenty three hours to catch either one if you could help it, but when CBS refuse to make this year's addition of the agonizing event available in the Vance TV critics one such critic instead of being grateful for the. Unintentional kindness was tempted to tune in any way to see how we're if things have improved. He should've known better big mistake, the special had more or Haarer than holiday glow and prove punishingly similar to previous efforts. In other words, it might have been called. I saw what you did last Christmas. From dog Quincy in crofton, Maryland. I wanted to let you know about a great deal. We have an empty table in our house about three feet by eight feet. And we're looking for local people who want to sit around and do a podcast wouldn't have to be much nothing like the process or anything. Just a good opportunity for local podcast. It's like you. There's no pay. But perhaps we could use this as a way to hone your skills at resetting the board trouble-shooting forced updates. What have you? We're giving away table space for you to do a podcast. You don't wanna miss out again, no peck. So okay. So this is about the mural everything is about the mural tone to it. That's okay. But I don't mind you mentioned that the process a lot of people have have the rookeries. Bron film about Rufus essentially draft Klaus the money didn't land in the account. What you can do about that. We're for Rufus, but we are kneeling Raul. I want to congratulate Nigel on Thursdays. Great throwback show because nothing brings back the style. Joe of listening to the five seventy AM show on a small transistor radio to a single ear. But then mono, podcast brilliant. Tom Maceio Boston late. Well, you work by way of new Hyde Park on Long Island two and a half years ago. I mailed you have to listen to you and solicit insult Prius and backpacks which owned at the time despite being a man over forty. I no longer on a Prius. Does that make me more of a man or the same amount of a man does he same amount from where sandals agus in Frederick, Maryland? Has anyone checked the browse about for Carmelo Anthony lick satellite leg Papa Theam? In paris. France on Thursdays podcast, you casually asked your son. What have I got a four wheel drive that serious what young people referred to as a baller few things are more one percent of the not even remembering everything, that's. In your garage is I don't have garage your inspiration all of us who aspire to someday successfully rise, the middle class respect respect tipping from Scott's lesson. Jer rights talk about a tilted Plainfield. You have a pro picking games, and he gets to pick which games he wants the bet week after week the Amador Chuck Todd the most difficult games to bet and Todd is winning. Then Maas says he's catching up during the playoffs. And I'm like Todd again gets the skip the games that are too hard. They're not even close Todd is the pro maybe Masha to meet the press and Todd bet the process come on, man. What are we doing PS, Chuck if you're looking for someone to talk on meet the press on climate, I am lesson Slesinger senior adviser for federal fares. If you're out of your bike, everyone is always do wear white. We're not gonna be this year. Still. She call. Not. Sure. Holding. You will may go your mom. Friday. Show. We should get allows. We have a wall. John about. Hello, ma'am. Beta back. Chips. Them. Foul. Stew without. Loaf? Numb. Now. Loss mum. Making. So oh, yeah. Wow. This guy stood up. Are you got to go the bathroom? Know. Peaceable is just so hard to buy a women's no. You have a endless days and just to explo-. That there was. That there was. It's bigly sky Nordic guy. I think I at gall yawn. And in single that is no doubt of Domo secrets Nomo say. There is. Saal? Shoe? Will love her shoe. And have faith that so round though, well-intentioned may be. But I think it so mad. Nominate someone will sing back. There is. Now. On a sound. On. Giles scare me Saab scene. How? Scaling over of tree. You have now.

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