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Share you even more my question for years. How much do you like Allen Lazard who had been a borderline drafted player, but now his rule, the unquestioned number two receiver in Green. Bay, with Aaron Rodgers was your season. I thought he's gotTa be draft. He'd been dry say is borderline because he wasn't picked everywhere. I'll tell you this right now Allen Lazard. he was picked everywhere fourteen seven as wide receiver, sixty, two there you So it's. Up to the twelfth as the question has gone as early as the twelve eleven since this news came out. So he has gotten up there I. Don't know how you feel about that. I am I am not very excited about any packers receiver not named Davante Adams. I guess I I have some interesting lazard. I don't think this is anything I agree then the rest of those guys, you know Kumo Table Reggie Bangel Tin. Menia Samper lateral. You know like Yeah Forget. For me I just look at this as a low volume passing offense The packers really have put a a premium on tight ends with the GRAS and the jury Sternford the previous year they of loaded up on running backs I question how much how many targets out there for receivers that are not Davante Adams and for me I look at other guys that are going after Allen. LAZARD Dave. Even after this Michael Pittman to me is more interesting than hit-men Lazar harder was Oliver Renfro. Okay. Onto the rental, I would rather have been lazar parallels are rental common rather have been lazard I'll circles are we take residing the aim of COBB? COBB is dog shit. He's been talking shift for five years straight now the styles of what? I think Almaz Act. I don't like them at all. I guess not our Lozada Stevenson's. Rose Art. Larry's interesting. I don't know maybe Almaz I had strobe Lazar resided Rendell mims was resided Mohammed Civil Caffeine saying the same of Hebron. Gone. Go the other way. Now I'm GonNa go the other way reside. Brand pick. that's not S it's I'll take aker resided. RESHAD caraman. Who that's with the permanent Menzer suffered that much God it's like throw out some I'll take param. LAZARD or Nikiel Harry. Close. To Harry I think has most cyber was either you like Watkins over Lazar Yeah Walk Me to reside over irks me Lozad Org Justin Jefferson. Those are I. I actually agree now one lazard or Curtis Samuel was our. Resided to Sean Jackson. Dj I'M GONNA take GD Jackson's while trying to with that Samuel one you said lazard. yeah quiet senior the I duNno, you probably don't follow as much as I do sit Sam seems to be mentioned every trade rumor right now roy make s like he potentially the packers by the way of after the funniest thing I'm GonNa lean towards the desired I just your but I I I a couple other shows here on local radio northeast Wisconsin my co-host for both of those shows he is a big time. Allen Lazard Fan and he thinks That there's really something again, I just look at it from the stance standpoint of He's not very fast. He doesn't particularly one great routes. He's not a pedigree guy to me the one thing that he did well, two things that he does well, one Rogers likes him at which is huge and two and rodgers threw him last year he actually did make a handful a pretty good place. So I guess there's something for that I'm I'm just I'm tempering my enthusiasm. You into our state right I was he put up big time numbers that I was state. I think he's actually got some talent I really do. I'll say this for lazard he's going in the fourteenth round. He's probably going to be getting into the eleventh or twelfth frown. There are a lot worse ways that you can spend eleventh or twelfth round pick than Allen lazard right now 'cause you're thirty five catches for four hundred, seventy, seven yards and three touchdowns last year now, and it is they all sees the whole season I can season in the NFL and how many games do you play? He didn't I mean I'm looking on how can I just remember him being or thirteen he? by and. Started three though town. Yeah and I don't think he was a thing until member Davante Adams had that injury that knocked him out from four games. and. That's when Lazar Guy called up and actually started making place. You Know Unlike Jake Cooil with packers coaching staff Air Rogers says is so great. The singers praises all the time and then he doesn't get a new targets or any action was art actually gets out on the field and gets targets the first five weeks he had no catches so he had like almost no playing time. Snap count was, but it was obviously actually snapped how. Did Not. Yet fourteen snaps in week four and zero zero we wan one we you know. So I almost non in the first five weeks really. Rent even. This is interesting in week six he had only seventeen snaps, but he caught four catches for sixty five yards and a touchdown. and. Then after that, his sniffs were still pretty limited for nine, v Forty Five, twenty, five, thirty he's GonNa part time player actually that's pretty interesting. I would say Arizona Sixty. Percents snap count tells if he plays like eighty nine percent of snaps not you should as the number two receiver wherein Eire's Arkan Yeah you know that's that's interesting. All right. So many I'll I'll have to reevaluate might my thoughts and Allen Lazard?.

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