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Next tonight here to chilling new details after that deadly midair accident on Boorda's southwest passenger plane, the woman partially sucked out of the plane passengers pulling her back in but she did not survive tonight. The pilots words now as they tried to keep the plane in the air. Here's ABC's David curly tonight. The words of a pilot struggling to fly her crippled jet. Have a fire number kept in Tammy Jo Schultz hearing from the first officer we have somebody that's flown outside after the engine ripped apart and blew out a window a flight attendant revealing that enro- fourteen passengers put their arms out of the plane at more than two hundred miles an hour to pull Jennifer Reardon back in she didn't survive just less than two minutes before the high speed landing under her breath. Captain showed says heavenly father. Seconds after touching down showed says, thank you Lord. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Lord. The engine maker in the NTSB are still investigating. Why that engine failed which led to as the crew noted in the cockpit to the first death on a southwest jet? David or David curly on this story again tonight to the index of other news into the deadly military jet crash near laflin air force base in Texas. Military officials say one pilot was killed the other injured when their teeth thirty eight Talon jet went down during a training mission near the Mexican border. No word survivors condition. The cause of the crash is under investigation the crucial passenger who fell to her death in the South Pacific. Holland America tonight, saying seventy year old woman fell from a platform hitting the water well moving between the ship and a smaller boat. Passengers reportedly were complaining of rough seas at the time. Her name is not been revealed company is investigating and the new discovery in space tonight. Scientists say they have found signs of a so called soup. Earth orbiting a star six light years away, the planet size three times our own apparently, much colder funding tonight. Here was the rescue the world held its breath for those boys in the cave and tonight, but we never knew about the US air force team who suddenly had to plan their own way out. Here's ABC's Matt Cup in the US air force team that planned and organized that daring rescue force to make its own harrowing escape after that Tuncay flooded to American airmen the berry last people out going in. They feared that many of the boys would die during the rescue way. There have a shot where we could get some of them out or we leave them in there. And there's a very very high chance that none of them survive twelve hundred players and their coach became Trump that cave this summer during the flash flood for ten days. No one knew if they were alive or dead power. How many of your? We've learned in reporting the book the boys in the cave. The two of the voice barely made it out. One was hypothermic. Another stopped breathing, we visited a nearby cave to get a sense of the conditions. Rescuers faced with. She's seven hundred year takes men tonight. The first images of the cave since the moment, the K flooded at the very end of the rescue those air, tanks and water bottles. Still there those tanks still in place. Our thanks to Matt from the beginning on this and match new book, the boys in the cave and the rescuers and their fear that the rescue wouldn't be a success remarkable reporting. Matt I hope to see you tomorrow. Good night. From ABC. This is no limits. Even from the beginning all of us for saying this is so important. I'm your host, Rebecca Jarvis. And each week. We're taking an honest look at success, and how to get there with the boldest most influential women in the world, I said, I am a working mother. And I'm here to tell you how to do it. What happened after that is very long story to tell vulnerabilities actually a strength. You could hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app..

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