House Judiciary Committee, Attorney, Lisa discussed on Sean Hannity


That the house judiciary committee is now prepping a letter to send to the attorney lisa page she's the one that decided to defy the congressional subpoena earlier today and kind of beginning to look like the walls were closing in on the two trumpeting fbi lovebirds you know the ones that impart they weren't alone conspired with higher ups to hijack the twenty sixteen presidential election will stop him we have an insurance policy he's loathsome and so much more we're going to hurry this russia investigation we're gonna write an exoneration before an invest that's all struck and of course lisa page by the way i had no other news that should be breaking this week about lisa page i've been sworn to secrecy and i shall keep by sources confidential being the good talk show host lashed journalists that i am anyway fox's told the letters going out momentarily the letter will give page the option of appearing at the public hearing that is scheduled tomorrow remember peter struck is going to testify supposedly before cameras tomorrow that's all going to be the first time we get to hear peter struck or she can come on friday in a closeddoor deposition that she was slated to do today pages under subpoena fox's told that if she doesn't appear either tomorrow with struck or friday at the house judiciary committee will begin preparations to hold her in contempt of congress otherwise they don't do it it's not gonna mean a thing they have no choice otherwise i mean imagine if you defied a congressional subpoena no you didn't show up i'm not showing up and as bob goodlatte had issued a statement after page decided to defy the committee's subpoena it appears page has something to hide she plans to blatantly defy congressional subpoena by refusing to appear for her deposition his known for months that the house judiciary committee has sought her testimony is part of our joint investigation with oversight committee into decisions made by the justice department in two thousand sixteen she has no excuse for her failure to appear lisa page is a key witness it's critical that she comes before our committees to answer questions as part of our investigation quote will use all tools at our disposal to obtain her testimony americans across the country are alarmed at the bias exhibited by top officials at the justice department and the fbi it is imperative that congress conduct vigorous oversight to ensure this never happens again as far as contemn this would start with a resolution at the committee level if approved by the committee the resolution will go to the house floor for a full house vote for them to consider that would happen probably sometime next week anyway joining us now owned by the way somebody has to wonder if she's going to sing she's going to compose joining us now we have freedom caucus member congressman rhonda santa's now with gubernatorial candidate for the great state of florida as rick scott now tries to make his way to the senate which i think he's probably going to end up doing and i actually had the opportunity to do some town halls three of them last monday monday past with rhonda santa's mac gates talking about a variety of issues and it was an honor to appear with you and tampa and of course in port myers how are you sir i'm doing great sean you did a great job i think everyone and all those crowds they were ready to go you know storm havana we asked them to do that so good job he say that as a joke and i know people are going to take it seriously so so everybody in the liberal fake news media out there congressman ron to sanders was telling a joke it was fascinating i mentioned that one point during one of the when i was speaking at one point and the crowd started chanting lock her up and they just stop and pause for a second i said wow this must this must be what it feels like to be donald trump that's right well look sean i think that the whole thing you just sketched out we're in a position now where are we going to actually follow through and do what the american people expect us to do which is the old people like lisa page accountable we really should be holding her in contempt right now and then forcing her to come to get out of content there we wait a friday.

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