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Service from the nfcc if you're talking about it you're talking about news talk five fifty k of why the phillies talk station we started by the way i in the chris meryl show welcome back or tech director in his back place to have their bag very good executive producers ali morgan and i'm joined now by john nebraska for grand canyon planning and invited jonah because we just had a milestone desist nasdaq just hit six thousand whoa whoa whoa where's where's the firework fireworks all right i'm thinking back to win the dow was six thousand because many of us remember the dow being at six thousand and then this meteorite rise that we've had over the course of the last twenty years or so twenty five i guess what he goes up course comes down and their hits back up again but this is a big deal for nasdaq to be six thousand right yeah give you a quick a quick run down on a little bit of history about the nasdaq if you think about going back oh a little more than twenty years ago are even longer if you'd like to go back in nineteen ninety five the index closed above one thousand the nasdaq first time while back in nineteen ninety five and by nineteen ninety eight at least two thousand and then there was a tremendous rally we all may remember it had to do with what's called the dot com era yes it all the way through nineteen ninety nine in two thousand when it at over five thousand believe it or not back in march tenth of two thousand well here we are now seventeen years later we've exceeded that five thousand but there had been a lot of trials and tribulations of course that occurred during that seventeen years dropping down as low as eleven hundred and eight back in two thousand and two when the dot com bobble head go what a tremendous run we pat now fifteen years we see the market above six thousand now the nasdaq and that's you know basically five five time or more what it was it's gotta be we're what three times what it was when we had the the crash well that yeah you know interestingly enough if you think about it the nasdaq dropped down to it low.

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