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The response from the person you do fame i really liked you all the time hello shit and then that person that they no man i mean like that i'm i'm a big fan i know us correspond man yeah man but it's very hit harlins that the store a thought that she was attempting to steal because she had a bottle of orange juice and she put in her backpack but she had the money in their hand and they was arguing over that fact and they got into a physical altercation and harland's knocked her to the ground and she walked away and then she shot her in the back of the crazy and it's sort of like what we're still with to this day when you think about the relation between the public and the police and how they police black communities different than they police everybody else and it's that so the director was talking about how he wanted to show like you say he was trying to show really white america is these kids aren't like this just to be like this this circumstances and things around ing why they are like they are but why people say say all all the all blacks cream it's so much so that's what's embedded in a lot of these police officers minds so when they come up on a black person it's no reason for you to doubt over a normal traffic stop or you get killed for breaking in the car or snatching a personal any of those things meanwhile caucasian boy could go in a school and then kill ten fifteen people a he walks away untouched it's a mental mental issues but we view which you see on television screen or that movie screens very pile yes and john y you own this i'm not supposed to be a fun show we to get off but you know what they do the same thing reality television they do they look at these reality tv shows and they say this is all black women just how they all this this this is what they do do cut act like that.

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