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Storage i think three part because it's kind of the flagship product so obviously very different products very different histories how does info site kind of handle the differences because imagining either does or does not support them in the same way or different analytics divide that up mentally for me as to as how it addresses those two different platforms for and that's just sort of hit the nail on the head there the three part is extremely strong from an os perspective in logging and rich data intelligence and we've had the capability for a long time to help customers reactively analyze what's happening in these logs so the three par has rich telemetry baked into the os the difference now is we can take the intelligence on three par which largely went on used previously until an event happened and we can now take that in line and we ingest that into our cloud and we run the inflight machine learning adults against that censor data to actually drive results in stream so we really try trying we are actively transferring that conversation from reactive into proactive as we see things happening and we've seen them happen before we can actively introduce a positive or a more optimism result right another thing you mentioned here machine learning and artificial intelligence and we've heard so much of that from the industry lately everybody's jumping on particularly the alabama wag unless the so much but okay we've washed all the marketing which has been washed with ai so explain to me and info site why that is real the jet claim that using machine learning and artificial intelligence in your annex right and so this is the key piece because aai machine learning this isn't an application it is like to call it knowledge so this is not something that you can simply write some code for an off you go it really comes from perpetual and repeated analysis of similar data sets so we look at the same day.

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