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You just yell Jumbo. And I'm like, Yes, I'm the best. I'm here for us was bring that on at the Denver man about good luck in your good luck in your prep, man. We're pulling for you. And I just want to tell you I had a great time watching down their mobile. And I'm wishing the best for you. Thank you so much. Quinn appreciate the time. Yeah. Thank you guys. That was awesome to build. You know how little bit of my story I really appreciate the time you really enjoyed it. Quinn Myers from Wisconsin Whitewater Warhawk football. And I tell you what, man he was. He was a star. You see guys once while you talk about Ben Bart Shalimar pets, another name that comes to mind for a lot of people, But I mean like a freaking rocket ship. This guy out there? He went from 6/7 round. Kind of like a d three. Let's see, you know, See what he's got. You talked about him having a little bit of buzz coming on into the weak and all he did was impressed on and I think this started really going from this is an offensive guard will suit he does. And he started at center and played great. Destroyed it absolutely killing. That was one of the guys. We, You know, I kind of had a phone call Jim. Now you on the way out of town. Kind of talk with him a little bit about that, you know, So what guys? You know internally? What guys? You're impressing that kind of stuff. You know, he's like, Yeah. You all saw Quinn out there. I mean, you know, right there at the top. You know, we've talked about your boy The States from UCF, but you know, the office inside the ball. That's the first name that popped out. So Yeah, we wanted to have my own show talking about an old broad was not really in the market for a center since we got pushed, But, um, you know, I'm thinking they could do worse if he somehow gets around four and again. That's a big if, because right now, I put him firmly in that day to conversation if he somehow gets around for The Broncos are looking for some competition and some some really awesome death there. I don't completely hate it. I don't either. I'm all for it. Yeah. I mean, he's got the first to let you go. Either way. You gotta guard go down. He could jump in there. Whatever. If you missed it earlier, we had your chance to win. $1000 text the nationwide keyword dollar The 202 100. You get a confirmation text, a nympho standard data and message right, supplying the station wide contest. Keep listening for money on the hour on K Away News radio. We got George Tour next the Broncos country tonight Ko in his radio. Had.

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