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And they had a lot of close games this year. They were bumped by in a nine point game and the tournament. So I mean, this is a team I feel that could be a surprise for some people like you said, and you know, yes, we're talking I want Maryland and workers coming out of the big ten this year. But you know, you don't hear about Indiana as much, but they have had a fantastic season Terry Moore, and it's going to have those kids prepared and ready to go. And I think it's gonna be fun to watch alley pepper. I think you know, marches where you discover all the. Players to continue to follow throughout their careers. And I think you have to put alley peppered right at the top of the list on that. Yeah. Couple of transfers for Terry Moore in that have made a huge impact in Pat Burg and also Brenna wise and Indiana was one of those last teams in right? They were into the debatable eight, and so then you get this energy. Once you say, okay now, we're in and you have nothing to lose, right? Those teams are always the most interesting to watch you mentioned you mentioned Rutgers. And obviously know sad news coming out that that coach Vivian stringer will not be doing her team for the NCAA tournament as she continued to wrestle our prayers to her. But ruckers doesn't look like they're really messing around despite not having your head coach and possibly being inspired. I love stace Kerry. Does Rutgers really have what it takes without Seve on the sideline to pull them up sets. Well, I think what they have. They have CVS stringers spirit within them. She has taught them well and not just the players, the coaches, and the coaches have held their team accountable to the expectations of of CVS stringer and what she expects from them. So with that being said, Tim eat men implemented there fifty five defense about two weeks prior to the big ten turnament initially. They had said that Vivian stringer would return for the TA tournament. But like you said the news came out last week that she would not be returning. But I think they implemented that fifty five to assure that they would get into the NCAA tournament. And it's time for her to come back. But I think with that fifty five defense if you haven't seen it you guys. I mean, it is swarming. I know in their last five games, they had one hundred six steals because if you five and I mean when you're steals not just the flex. We're talking about feels and going. The other way. So this is a record team when you're in March madness, your defense has to come through for you and for Rutgers whenever you say the word Rutgers. That's just it personify defense. I mean, you think Rutgers you think defense you think that fifty five they had done it. They were intermittent with it at the beginning of the year kind of went away from it mid season. And then got it back right in time for the strong momentum push to secure three seed in the big ten tournament. So when you have records now at a seventy and they're gonna take on buffalo, which is going to be a great match up and they've had a fantastic season. And of police ya like a Jack shoe back difference in job with an emotional pride moment after winning that MAC championship. But I just think when you have a team like Rutgers who will present some strong defensive energy and pride you can never count that out. I don't care how your shooting the ball. I know against Maryland during. The regular. I mean during the big ten portion of the season they upset Maryland at Maryland hitting nine threes. Your shots not always gonna fall. But what you can bring all the time is that lockdown defense that trapping swarming. Run jump situation full court that you have to contend with. And you have to break it every single time or you're going to be in big trouble. So you have to be on your Ps and qs when you're playing against Rutgers, especially in that full court presentation, it can be exhausting, absolutely exhausting, which arrived. Buffalo will be fun watching Dillard..

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