Steven Calabresi, North Western Law School, Attorney discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Know about you but i am planning to scream and run from the mike levin radio show ladies and gentlemen i want to pick up where we left off yesterday we're gonna have a wonderful guest scheduled i say scheduled because sometimes people don't show up but he will at the bottom of the hour professor steven calabresi of north western law school and a good friend of mine we work together with the attorney general ed meese in the reagan justice department and i wanted him to speak to you directly about his opinion that the appointment of mahler is unconstitutional an opinion that i strongly agree with and that i'm expanding upon myself as we as we speak northwestern law school is where he is the professor there was an article that came out in politico which is really quite remarkable came out politico late yesterday and in part they're saying that well it undermines manfred lawyers arguments in front of that judge t s ellis the third in the virginia courtroom because well listen to what they say several court filings indicate that when lawyers for mother's office appeared in federal court in alexandria early this year they did so not only as representatives muller's office but as special assistant united states attorneys attached to the united states attorney's office.

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