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Alexei Navalny, the face of Russia's opposition, a lawyer, a politician and a harsh critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Today, Navalny isn't an intensive care unit in Siberia. Suspected of poisoning reporter Charles Mains joins us from Moscow Charles How did all this play out and hasn't been established? That someone did indeed. Try to poison navalny? Well, it's still a developing story. And as far as whether you indeed was poisoned or not, is still an open theory, depending on who you talk to. We do know that he was fine home from Tomsk in Siberia back to Moscow. Along the flight. He didn't feel well, which prompted an emergency landing in Omsk not to be confused with Tomsk. Navarone now is actually in a medically induced coma on a respirator at the hospital there. Doctors say he's in serious but stable condition, although their quote fighting for his life Also lets his wife Julia, and his personal doctor now there's well that there were reports have some delays in getting access to Navalny initially with lots of police on the scene, So how did this happen? Have you heard any theories? Will his spokesperson I care? Young. Bush made comments to media here. So she says he just drank some black tea at the airport before the flight, and it's obvious that he was poisoned at that moment. Idea here being that hot liquid was more likely to absorb quickly into his body. You know, In fact, a passenger named Pavel Lebedev took a photo of navalny sitting at the cafe in the airport before he got on the flight. He appeared to be drinking tea and later the two of them ended up on that same flight. Andi. It's interesting that some point heat this level have noticed Howl's coming from the laboratory realized that the cries were coming from Navalny, and he ended up detail ing all this in a post to social media once he touched down in arms. So that was at the airport. What else can you tell us about the suspected poisoning? Is there any talk of a possible suspect or suspects or or a motive? No suspects yet certainly know among Navalny supporters. They find this to be no accident. Not surprising. They think it's politically motivated. Navalny has made his fair share of enemies with Siri's reports on corruption in the highest rungs of the Russian government and off Russian business. He's certainly been attacked numerous times before, including in 2017, when provocateurs doused him with a green dye that partially blinded him for a period. Then again in 2019 when he was exposed to some toxic substance while serving a month prison term, which caused some skin lesions, But he made it. Okay on course, there's this troubling pattern of enemies or perceived enemies. Of the Russian state being poisoned, Attacked, sometimes killed, you know in this prompts this constant debate here over who's really behind them, and specifically whether Vladimir Putin really gains from these brazen attacks on his opponents, and that the Kremlin says they're designed to make Putin look bad, and I want to bring in another voice here. This is Andre Kalashnikov, an analyst with the Moscow Carnegie Center here. Even if Kremlin doesn't know anything involved Squad Strange because it means that this kind of events are uncontrollable. FSB local If his B Saman emus off, no one could do it. Without essentially from Kremlin Now. The other option, says Kalashnikovs that the's orders or indeed, coming from the top from Putin. The point is, we can suspect but never seem to really know and interesting enough. The reaction to today's news from the Kremlin spokesman Was to wish Navalny speedy recovery reporter Charles Mains in Moscow. Thank you very much for this.

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