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His eighteen forty eight hours by blank slate have your me talking about blank slate yet his favorite board game around here blank slate it's so simple about fun it's perfect for everybody go get blank slate now at target Barnes and noble or every by your games and now back to the countdown direct access to the stars again and begins hits in the USA is eighteen forty delta the top five Coldplay just released the tracklist for their new album you got to get off the internet to check it I will explain now the Jonas brothers only human number five it's close John number five one eighty forty in this scene is when it comes time to announce an album will reveal any details or she's a complex and clever marketing blitz entirely online a Coldplay decided to take a far more old school approach the person that's a double I'm at the beginning of the week by mailing postcards to fans feeling it was called everyday life and future two distinct side sunrise and sunset then add a few posters in key cities following in similar style but they were done just now it's their tracklist my bearing in the public notices section of three printed newspapers in the U. K. New Zealand and in France so while they may not have relied on the internet they certainly managed to figure out a crafty way to entertain their fans with the.

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