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In the overnight hours since april second in places like quakertown cooper's berg and springfield township here in bucks county twenty explosions in all police say again dating back to april second no one has been heard at least reported hurt this entire time but police are concerned that may change what exactly is going on who is involved that all needs to be determined state police while they are anyone with information about who may be behind these blasts to give them a call live from quakertown tim jimenez kyw newsradio police officers in wildwood on desk duty while investigators try to figure out if they used excessive force against the young woman who police say was resisting arrest all caught on video which has gone viral k ws mike already report video show was born officer punching twenty old philadelphia resident emily linemen the head at least twice while the other went to secure her legs i don't know what she was doing and what prompted him to do it the investigation will handle wildwood mayor ernie triano says the cape may county prosecutor's office is reviewing the footage which has been seen on twitter more than six million times i wasn't there the body cam which is now the prosecutors hands being investigated that that's gonna tell you a lot and i think from what i gather from the people who have looked at it you'll see that the officers were stained and what they did police say wyman was drunk and underage and then kicked the officer in the groin when asked to show her id now she's facing a long list of charges mike giardi kyw newsradio well the fatal school bus crash earlier this month in north jersey is prompted a push for legislation requiring seat belts on all school buses across the country ywca and bush report only eight states including new jersey mandate seat restraints enlarge school buses evidence couldn't be clear seatbelt the school buses save lives it should be a universal law says north jersey congressman josh gone heimer but he believes in must go further point belts are far more effective than lap belts introducing a bill in the house that would make those lap and shoulder seatbelts standard on school buses his fellow democrat senator bob menendez is planning companion legislation gone heimer says there's bipartisan support especially after a study by federal transportation officials last week formally recommended all new school buses be equipped with.

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