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Are there any questions before we proceed? I have one question, doctor Frankenstein. That's Frankenstein. I beg your pardon? My name, it's pronounced Frankenstein, but aren't you the grandson of the famous doctor Victor Frankenstein, who went into graveyards, dug up freshly buried corpses and transformed dead components into yes. Yes. Yes. We all know what he did. But I'd rather be remembered for my own small contributions to science. And not because of my accidental relationship to a famous cookware. Gene Wilder, of course, in Mel Brooks young Frankenstein, it was the new Doctor Strange that inspired the latest film spotting poll question, which asked in all seriousness. What is your favorite film about a movie doctor that isn't really about them being a doctor? It's the hard hitting questions that everyone tunes in for Josh. Didn't they do a segment on that on broadcast news? I think. Your options were 1930 5s bride of Frankenstein. 1930 5s captain blood been a while since we've had two 1935 options in a poll question. How about jumping up to 1216? Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch as doctor Steven strange, of course, or doctor Shiva, starring Omar Sharif. What about Tom Cruise as doctor Bill harford in eyes wide shut from Stanley Kubrick or doctor Richard Kimball? Harrison Ford in the fugitive finally, you could pick Gene Wilder as Frederick, Frankenstein from young Frankenstein, Josh, how did it play out? Well, in last place is Sam's beloved captain blood. You know what, though, Sam, your work here is done. You brought more attention to captain blood, which I wholeheartedly agree it needs. So even though it was in last place, that's okay. 3% of the vote there actually packed up pretty tightly here at the bottom. 4% of the vote for Doctor Strange, 5% for doctor zhivago and 6% for bride of Frankenstein, a little tighter with the top three. With 21% of the vote, eyes wide shut, second place goes to the fugitive with 27%, but that means young Frankenstein did win it with 33% of the vote. A third of the vote not to shabby Marco says, I pick young Frankenstein simply because it is one of my all time faves, a comedy classic that stands up to infinite rewatches. But then I started thinking, isn't Gene Wilder's character, an actual doctor? I mean, he does give extremely erudite lectures to medical students, not to mention his groundbreaking work in reanimating corpses. Another flawed film spotting pull. Oh, I think that ship has sailed. I think we've acknowledged many a time how deeply flawed this question is. More questions here from Maddie Rosen, hate two man. But both Frankenstein movies are literally about the life restoring medical research of their protagonists. I voted eyes wide shut. In addition to it being a great film, doctor harford's journey of sexual conquest in which he never actually has any sex, mirrors the question quite nicely. Okay, here's Andy Buchanan from Kansas City. Since the rules, unfortunately, prevent me from voting for the doctor J starring the fish that saved Pittsburgh, the definitive movie about the crossroads of basketball in astrology with the fugitive as my favorite movie of this bunch. We're gonna do that top 5 at some point. The top 5 movies at the crossroads of basketball and astrology. I'm not sure I can't wait for performance by an actor whose choices and what could be forgettable line readings elevate a movie more than Tommy Lee Jones here. I don't care. Shouldn't be so memorable and Andy to your point, even just a minute ago, maybe people couldn't detect my Tommy Lee Jones impression, but I was saying, doctor Richard Kimball, the same way he does, 'cause there's something about Tommy Lee Jones giving a good line reading.

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