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Okay so i'm going to try to walk this through simply as possible while pointing out what is on the record and by whom they were there in martha's vineyard that we done for the editor town regatta and victim became a night that day and and after the race they went back to chappaquiddick island which important to the story is a ferry ride off of the mainland there's no way to access it other than by ferry and no one was planning on staying at chappaquiddick that evening ted kennedy had a room in town at the charlottetown in all the boiler room girls had a room at a different hotel on the mainland and the only person i think that was actually going to stay on guyland was the person who arranged for the party and that was taking these cousin joe garden and he becomes very important the story as we continue as we said the party was simply that a cookout with friends reminiscent music was played we know we assume there was dancing ultimately one of the boiler room girls asked us to cut out the dancing so there's no dancing in the movie anymore and what type kennedy has said in what many of the boiler room girls said under oath was that ted kennedy and mary joe left at eleven fifteen type timothy has said that mary jo said that she wasn't feeling well and that he was taking her back to her hotel i don't know if we're getting too deep into the weeds here but i'll tell you that mary jo left her purse with her hotel room he at the cottage and so it leads to questions about how she was expecting to get into her room if that was the case tech kennedy says the accident happened shortly thereafter after he made a wrong turn off of main road onto dyke road this is again a very complicated things try to describe an audio but to save this was a mistaken turn is a little bit stretching credulity because main road is they pay road obviously the way that you would go to get to the very jimmy had been back and forth on the theory multiple times i'd a and probably had been many times in his life prior to that.

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