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Got mail yeah why would you want good luck okay exactly I now can't exactly what we're talking about Phil Jones tweeted something that all twelve due to listening to our show he's adding to it he calls this the urinal rule because he's right does happen in the urinal for yeah a bunch of I'm right and then someone will come stand right next year okay do not not only the urinal rule but the toilet roll way down at the end of the hall but the podcast studio there's a men's bathroom with three toilets three in a one two three right next to each other who is the guy that always sits down in the middle stall what the hell would you go wall yeah well do you don't go to the Middle that's a last resort yes and it's like it's almost too late the type of deal yes Cleveland okay it doesn't matter lacks do not take the little stall if you're due next yeah happens all the time you're right yeah can he is absolutely right even more than the urinal but it is that the urinal thing does crack me up and then sometimes I'm forced to use the small persons urinal which I have to squawk because you're like six woods yeah I'm six two yeah there's a there's a your honor well there's a urinal sometimes yeah there's always one for shorter individuals okay so it's closer to the ground well yeah it's great and what's your six to ten years swatting to detain Cole are you looking stance yeah you look at her right into you know auditioned for he hall I you're killed me gosh Brenda writes in Hey guys I was once in an empty doctor's waiting room and someone sat down right next to me while I was filling out sensitive forms and he said you don't mind do you and then seem defended in surprise that I said I did in fact mind wow Jason would somebody building when they belly up to a urinal right next to me I I I go well Hey thanks thanks for yeah what do you got their follow ups I make it really uncomfortable for him I don't like when guys I've covered this before I don't talk to me in the bathroom I H. and people in this building are really bad about that yeah reverse things I want to talk about baseball and his kids and I love his kids but I don't want to talk I love rivers town ball that is to get in there do you yeah that's the last thing I want to do when I'm at now I don't want to talk well you know I think music should be played in every bathroom I think that actually so we along really yeah yeah yeah I'm not found lead astron yeah this put that in the bathroom in the bathroom what's that you said that that's a very smart thank you six fort forty two when we come back well done to used it let's do it we have a dump update when we return thanks my talkers for staying home and since you're hearing this for listening to my talk all our routines have been upended in without those drives to.

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