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Being over exasperated taxes the ones are being under SS instead of dropping and then the other ones yeah I don't know but I don't know what how the university Chicago arrived at this formula the interesting for you to get them on and asking them why did why why in the end of the day the formula that you came up with drove me up to my one of four thousand drove me up twenty and someone else down twenty percent I mean you're gonna have to get these gurus in here who ran the study but in the mean time there is a whole lot that you can do about the bill that you just got so just give me a minute okay what can I do about this about so so I don't want to pay you and I gonna pay you and what in the it is August first so so we're gonna we're gonna direct everyone listening to cook county treasurer dot com okay it is now the eighteenth of July and we've already gotten five hundred and thirty three thousand people on the site so cook county treasure dot com is up in a hundred and twenty six languages you just go to the bottom punch your language if you're not getting this in English you can get it and holy yeah can you can get it whatever you want so you're going to just put in your address without saying nor self Easter western you are then going to see a picture of your house to verify that yes this is my home scroll down you're gonna see a four part grit that grit says twenty fifteen sixteen seventeen and eighteen which is this year eighteen is the sure we always pay a year later because the depression and then you're gonna see some boxes and it's gonna say homestead exemption senior exemption senior freeze those three boxes and then it's gonna say disabled disabled veterans does your exemptions so there are a lot of people in this town is forty five million in front of me about twenty six thousand seniors who did not get their exemption so on this bill which is the little yellow bell that you just got in the mail on on this bill that you just got in the mail yeah yeah I don't like that I.

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