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It would be easier for me to have personality in my jokes. If I just ordered a record them and then I'll be home later and then that helped me get that helped me develop my conversational for Monday. Yeah, the anyway which which which comes more natural. Yeah, I get. All right. Well dude, thank you for you know hanging out hanging out with me here and be going over these ideas and like and and the and and the reason behind them and all that share was it was I mean, you're you're funny, you know that everybody and I I think you're fucking hilarious. You know, I understand that man. Thank you, ma'am. Thank you. But yeah, it's a great day are you doing thanks man. I think I think I'm going to do some I'm going to do some more days, but I just totally hang out with comics and just talk, you know joke idea home and figure out what's what's behind the mission. I think it's cool idea. But yeah, all right, bro. Yeah, man. Thanks. Thanks for having me here, man. Yeah. I look forward to the listeners again. I hope to see you out there. May I hope to see you back on the grind? I think what am I to do is just like try to try to hang out extra hang out some shows just to get the inspiration again and and you know, and and then I'll part it. I'll be I'll probably be back out there at some point and off and get these ideas off. Almost definitely man do that because I'm trying to tell people this is the time right now. You got to look at it like the stock market crash everything that went down now it's time to buy buy buy before the prices go back up to look at that age. You know in the stock is the people the stock is the audience get them why they get voted off again. Yeah, man. So that is me and Ibrahim Khalif on the first episode.

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