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Eighty seven Matt Jones, Ryan lemon. They just finished that def Leppard song. I think they were quite the extended remix there or some signal the five minute version. That's exactly right at Kyi sports radio. One person writes on the text machine, Matt. Do you feel like we could win a title with Tyler hero scoring twenty points a game? Yeah. I mean, the good thing about Tyler hero is nothing else is going. He could get a shot off. He can make. Stagnant. He can get a shot off and make it and that happened a couple of times tonight, and that's hugely valuable. Title. You can't have him and leave him and killed it. Both of them on. You can't have one of them. Not have a bad night tonight killed with having. Have you? I agree with that. You can't have a bad night against the good, right? Yeah. After the second round. They can't both have harassed. Yeah. You might be able to squeeze past the second round. Yeah. But after that, so you always got buying Kelvin a ticket every game or you to wait that second round start. Why would you buy your ticket tomorrow by tomorrow tomorrow? He's got a he's got he's got a break. Squared. What's up? Much jazz with Brian. How you doing buddy? What up? Listen. Call them, the pre-game show really thought that jockey would would wear them Alabama. Enter playing twenty four hours ago. I really in Jackie warm down more so mentally than they did physically. Alimentos flustered. The midway point first hand. And maybe the last.

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