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It's more than a game everybody get up to petaluma on monday night see noah larry see bob fidelity and even you 49 er haters or something for you so thanks bob for for doing this for the people i have i have a lot of family up there so we all know that uh were were cheering for cinema accounting your helping out thanks bob hey mark you take care areas bob the deck he you have bell lyles restaurant anaheim was around if anybody knows it it was legendary for just serving the biggest plates of food you could ever imagine and if you add one played a food you couldn't get halfway through it unless you are bob the deck impressive who said keep bringing a were these mounds of food or where they are you saying a big play here so like a here is i could be the plate sasha cohen remember is mayo co if it matti if you're out there listening caller taxed in remind me my memory but as i recall was like a big chicken fried steak like a huge chicken fried steak like the size of your head and they look at coach is head of my her through different size zones holds a huge amount of mashed potatoes i covered in gravy like huge fried maybe fries off to the side or something and that was supposed to just kill you and it but they say if you finish it you can have another one and bob did and then he had another one and then he had another one and then he had another one and a very it was a 40 it within the rams played in anaheim so foreigners ramsau was near anaheim stadium and we the writers just i mean seriously they talk about as he said there's the catch you know there's a there's the drive and then there's bell aisles the savage has great eve anyway bob's it's more than a game charity auction check it out we were instruct above one or two minutes we want of talking for a while is fun let's do city national bank business of technology jason middleton all right back to the nfl deal ben lot of people a check unammed defending the nfl they're defending these questions left to take this thing head on jason middleton the.

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