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So, catching passes from one of the game's best. All right, so key, you like Watkins to the packers? What do you think? It's interesting, Laura, and Jeff mentioned it. He's not quite devonta Adams, but he can play. He's a veteran player. You know, he was highly drafted coming out of Clemson and buffalo. He just hasn't had the type of career you would envision for a guy to go that high, but he's a veteran receiver who knows how to play football and you pair him with Aaron Rodgers, who knows what it may turn out to be. Well, listen, I think we all know that the Green Bay Packers maybe for the first time in quite some time, I think we used it one of their first round picks on the wide receiver position. As it relates to Sammy Watkins, he's what we call, he's a guy. I mean, he's a guy. He's another body in the room. Obviously he's a veteran guy, but you got to continue to add playmaker to that position. And also just on the other side, you know, we talk about Aaron Rodgers, the back MVP of this league, I need to see him elevate some of these guys that's going to be coming into that wide receiver room. Oh, that's interesting, right? A lot of people talking about how much did devonte Adams play into that MVP award. I'm not taking anything away from Aaron Rodgers like he's taking people's money away, but it is a piece of this conversation. New FanDuel fantasy players, your day is about to get 20% better. Start playing fantasy this football season and FanDuel will give you a 20% bonus on your first deposit up to $500. That's a big time bonus. In all you need to do to claim it is make your first deposit and there's an awesome slate of games on hand for this week. Experience season long wins without the season long waits, sign up today at FanDuel dot com slash tackle the claim your bonus and start playing today that's FanDuel dot com slash tackle, agent location restrictions apply, bonus issued is non withdrawable site credit that expires after 30 days. I'm gonna remind you guys of this a couple times today and why not because I'm excited. We're two weeks away from the draft in Vegas and the Jags hold that number one overall pick once again. So so far all signs pointing to Jacksonville going with defensive end 8 in Hutchinson, but is that really the plan? Our insider Chris Mortensen brought this up a fascinating scenario yesterday on our mock draft SportsCenter special. Listen to what mort says could happen at number one overall. The Trayvon walker at number three is interesting because I've actually heard that some people think Jack spills holding their cards tight and could surprise everybody on draft and take Trayvon walker number one. Let's stir that thing up a little bit. As far as thibodeau go, I mentioned to you about the Lions, but I also have heard that if the lines don't take them, we can be looking at a slide, a considerable slide that becomes one of those talks on draft night. That's what I like to call a mort Bond. Todd, let's lean into this number one pick. What are you hearing here on walker to the Jags? I love Trayvon walker. I've been saying he's the first round pick going back to October when he was on nobody's radar. He's explosive. He's 6 5, 272 pounds. He's got left tackle arm length, 35 and a half inches, and he ran a four, 5, one. I mean, running backs would kill. A lot of the running backs would kill to have that kind of speed, and he's got it at 272 pounds. But he only had 9 and a half career sacks. And I can chalk a lot of that up to the gap discipline and the steamy plate in and all the talent around him, but you compare him to Aiden Hutchinson, who had 14 sacks set his school record this past season, just in one season versus 9 and a half career sacks, and you got to wonder, and the other thing is Aidan Hutchinson is a franchise pillar. That's the kind of player he is. You've watched his preparedness pre snap. You know, he sees something that he's calling up to the rest of the defensive line just off of the tape that he studied. You watch his plan as a pass rusher. He knows exactly how he's attacking guys on the edges with his hands. I just think that he's the kind of guy you bring in and he turns the whole defense around with his leadership and his effort and his work ethic. And that's why I think when you're talking about number one overall, I love Trayvon walker's traits and he could go number two overall in Detroit, but I would be shocked if Jacksonville passes on Hutchinson. Yeah, Todd, you know it's interesting too, is if we think about who is in charge when it comes to the decision making in Jacksonville and that now is Trent balke, a general manager who, when he was with the San Francisco forty-niners, would often really covet physical traits over college resume. And that's exactly what we're talking about now with Trayvon walker. So again, I'm not saying that he goes that route here, but bulky did have a history with the forty-niners, his draft grades would often not be very high right out of the draft because people would say, wow, he really didn't take guys the projected based off of college resume. If he continues that trend, it does make sense that he would maybe go against the grain and take someone that's not as conventional with that number one overall pick. Interesting. Yeah, like for me, it's like, you know, wait a minute, guys. We're going to take a guy number one off a traits, and I get it. I get all the, you know, I get what he was asked doing that scheme down in Georgia and, you know, his combine and all those type of things. But we're talking about the number one overall pick. And we just, you know, this is the passing, we just haven't seen that out of Trayvon walker as far as rush moves counter rush moves being able to consistently get to the quarterback. We've seen that from 800%. Is he miles Garrett? No. Is he his Twitch is Nick Bosa? No. But I think just from a character standpoint, he got better and better every year, Michigan, and then ultimately, you know, came about where this guy had 14, what, 14 sex, his last year at the University of Michigan. So give me that guy who I've seen on film, do it over and over again as compared to a guy who's from a trade standpoint had what you like, but I just haven't seen that production as far as getting after the quarterback consistently. And to be clear here, we're not saying the Trayvon walker is going to fall down past the top ten. Look, I think it's very realistic as Mel has him slotted. He could go with three. He could go maybe a little bit past that, but key, do you think it's smart to bet on someone in a little bit here, which is what they would be doing with the number one overall pick? I think when you got the number one overall pick, you need a sure bet. That's a game changer, a franchise, pillar, much like the guys are saying right there. You don't hope and pray with the number one overall pick because if he becomes a bust versus a boom, it's set your franchise back forever. And if I have any reservations at all about taking Hutchinson or timba do or walker with the number one overall pick, I'm looking to get out of there, even if it's not a quarterback that somebody is going up to get. Why just pick someone just because you have the number one overall selection. I remember when I played for the jets and we had the number one overall peak and Bill Parcells. And Peyton Manning decided not to come out that year. Guess what we did? We traded the number one overall pick and we wind up being in the AFC championship game and those guys that we selected with all of those picks helped us do that and tripped bulky is a part of that Bill Parcells mindset. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's thinking that way as well. Just two things for me. First of all, I think it's interesting what more was saying too, talking about cave on thibodeau, but when you look at this, it could be the first time in decades in the draft that we see three defensive players come off the board, whether it's 8 and Hutchinson or Trayvon walker at one. I can tell you for a fact right now. Detroit would die to have the Hutchinson at number two. So they'd be thrilled if Jacksonville won with walker at one. And then at number three, Houston could take cave on thibodeaux. From Oregon. So that would be the first time in a long time that we saw three defensive players. The second thing is, is Damien woody in the middle of a monsoon. Yeah, what's going on here? Do you want to cut to D wood shot real fast? Look at this. Deep wood, is someone pouring buckets over the top.

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