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And you can click the lessons tab for pricing and make an Appointment and I'm also really friendly. So don't be worried about that. All right. Those were my top five tips of how to actually speak English with confidence. I really hope these helped because honestly life is too short to always play on the safe side. Let's take some risks and let's get out there and just reach our goals a challenge you to try one of these five ideas for an entire week and let know if these have been helping you I'm sure they're going to make a huge difference. All right before I sign out for this week's episode I want to announce that starting next week we have a very exciting new series on this podcast. The new series is called Hashtag my English journey and it's going to be so cool. So I will be interviewing different people from around the world who have a story to share about either their struggles, their challenges or just something really. Interesting about how they learned the language. The cool thing is I won't just be talking with teachers. I'll be talking with students and just anyone who hasn't experienced with the English language I'm super excited for the series and I know you guys are going to love hearing other people's perspectives and their lives. So if you're interested in actually being a guest on our podcast for the series you. Can. Head over to her website and click the podcast tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. There's a little button that says want to be on our podcast just please fill out the form and let us know and I'm actually going to be picking a lot of people for this interview series called my English journey. So stay tuned for that. I. Hope You guys enjoy it. The first episode will be released next week. If you've been really loving our podcast lately, it would mean the world to us if you could send a review or a rating just because that really helps us push out more content and know that you guys want us to keep going. So I would really appreciate that and I hope you all have an amazing week. I'll see next week I..

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