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This is native america calling. I'm tara gatewood. Joining new line from my homeland assure would be state and federal elections are months away but officials are busy trying to make changes to how we vote on the next election day over the weekend texas lawmakers tussled over new limitations on voting including a measure to rollback mail in ballots. Arizona passed a new law that purchase voters from a mail in ballot list. If they haven't voted in the past two elections and in montana a new law does away with same day voter registration and limits ballot collection. Proponents of the new laws saying bay combat voter fraud but as with past voter restriction measures opponents say they only hinder voters who are native and other people of color. The also say the damage of disenfranchising voters far outweighs the minor threat of voter fraud. What do you think where do you stand in all this. Do you find it challenging devote and would you like to see states pass more laws that regulate or limit polling places mail in voting and other phone forms of voting. Everyone is welcome to the conversation today. The number to join us is one eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native and today we're going to start off in denver colorado with us today on the line is jacqueline daily own and she is a staff attorney for the native american rights fund and she is a slow pueblo. Our pleasure to have her here with us. Jacqueline welcome to native america calling. Thank you so much for having me in so there is a lot that has been going on in terms of voting and so jacqueline tells a little bit about new laws in montana. The new laws in montana are actually A continuation of a long string of voter suppression. That's been going on in montana for the last few years just last year. North defeated a ballot collection ban The reason that it was defeated was because it was found unconstitutional and it was unconstitutional because it just made it too hard for native. Americans vote in montana Natives only get a few days of on reservation registration and learning opportunities You know otherwise leading services are you know upwards of a hundred miles round trip and so You know ballot collection is used because native americans don't have They don't have residential addresses on the homes and they don't have residential mail delivery so People organizations. Pick up and drop off In order make that process easier For people that are facing unreasonable Barriers to casting their vote and the court found that that collection was an important part of how native americans vote to overcome How difficult it is to vote in their communities and so then this year The legislature again tried to restrict Is trying to restrict ballad collection making it the that get out the vote. Organizations cannot Pick up and drop off mail For a native american voters they also banned same day voter registration which is used disproportionately by native american. Voters who again only have registration opportunities a few days a year on the reservation. So we really think these are designed to make it more difficult for native. Americans vote in what has been the response from tribal leadership that you've.

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