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And then i bake it naked in the up on you know don't go if you put it in ten foul it's going to have a softer ski and ray uh so it put it in a ona bacon she in letter ria and how long do you have to bake i want my favorite data debakey is what a red potato you can burn them uh it certain that there were big big enough debate hum and uh oh my goodness he's so good because at the annual get creepy but then when you cut it open it's like magic potatoes assistance the uh where uh an idaho where something like that is has more of a mealy take your yeah i'm admiring your restraint with just butter and sour cream because there's no bacon are cheese or green onions or anything like that you're being very reserved my husband loves his loaded but i just love the taste of butter buttering sour cream and and tariffs if they have it i'm actually also surprised that your meal isn't more stereotypically southern so you have your big stake you have your crab and your baked potato do you think that you kind of burnt out a little bit you know doing southern food all the time that it you know and i did failed to meet you went on it more meat more me that means the fried chicken okay i think it my number one favourite southern food and at our restaurant we have perfected that fried chicken i thing i mean i can't go in the restaurant without get me a chicken leg can't do it.

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