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Ability to call this offense about their ability to score. Because now this is 30, plus games of data going all the way back to really the second half of 2018. When the offense started taking steps back after the lead kind of figured out Matt Nagy a little and after Trey Burton got hurt. And then all of 2019 and all of last year we're talking 30 something games where the Bears rank as one of the five worst offensive teams in football. And we saw a glimpse of that again yesterday. They do not throw the ball down the field. They do not pressure defense is at all. They're afraid to take chances. Matt Nagy, You figure this one out? David Montgomery. Second play the game 41 yards the play. We were talking about first play the Bears next series. Monte Goes for 14. That's two touches 55 yards. Now, I don't expect David Montgomery to average 27 a half yards per carry. Don't get me wrong, right? But the next 12 offensive plays the Bears ran, David Montgomery touched it. Once. If you stretch that out to their next 20 plays Yurko, he touched it. Three times. Those drives ended in a turnover on downs, a lost fumble and a punt and it was 13 to nothing. Rams You had to be jumping for dry car with all the fourth downs that were being got. I love it. I love £4 I do You know me for the 15th of one? Yeah. 4th and 15. Listen, you just you've got to throw it beyond the sticks there. You can't throw 13 yards at 4th and 5th again again again again. That's the problem. It is. The problem. That's the problem. You got an offensive coordinator that that's what he likes. And then you've got a guy that's so safe back there. It's good. He? That's what he's thinking about. I mean, they're just it's conservative and conservative. And both of those don't add to anything good on a football field. You know, gambling on 4th and 15 and then running something for 11 yards Crazy. Right doing? I don't know that's crazy for vertical drop the ball down the field. If it gets intercepted, it's like a punk. I don't think it was a crazy idea, because I think, Maggie, First of all, I don't think you trust the defense at all. And I think he knew they were running out of possessions like they didn't just want to make it a 10 point game. I think he wanted to score there. But you can't then throw it to a guy running at 11 or 12 yard out. Is that on the wide receiver, your core is that on the scheme outside receiver, the wide receiver is running the route that began sports, right. But why would you not run your route past The sticks. Because the route calls first specific depth. If he's got to go past the sticks than the coordinators, the one that's got a call that There you go. Receiver can independently decide where he's going to run. There you go. Murder doesn't work that way. If you wanted the round the routes have doubt right. Your run for virtue that running for verticals, you're guaranteed. Everybody has passed to stick there. I mean to to to see that happen like that and again, like while people were lamenting the decision. I kind of get it. I think he knew he was running on a possessions and he was afraid they wouldn't be able to get a stop and they couldn't. But then you only had eight possessions in the game. You think I'm full of crap. Go check, you know? No, I know you're not for possessions. The Rams had nine possessions. They knelt down in the first They knelt down in the 2nd 2nd. You're right. Those seven they scored on six. Let's take some phone calls. When we come back your thoughts on week one Did it kind of go as you'd expected and What do you see or expect for this Bears team going forward. They have a more winnable game at home against Cincinnati. Although I don't think it's going to be a cakewalk. You're going to be there. They're nice, Joe Burrow. That'll be fine. Uh, they had a nice win yesterday blew it, but then they wanted over time. They had an aggressive fourth down, calling over time that got them to win. 3123323776. We got lots to dissect lots to pour over. Some Matt Nagy sound to play. And we'll take your phone calls on the Bears Monday. We'll be right back. You're listening to Carmen and your CO? Yes. PN 1000, Chicago's home first sports. Weekend warriors..

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