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Why i ask is a political consultant and a veteran of reagan and bush white houses but now he's the chairman of the lobbying firm b g our group along with mississippi governor haley barbour so he's a he's a paid lobbyist and what he does is he argues for instance that there is no collusion in the muller case muller hasn't proved collusion and moeller will never approve collusion with the fact that collusion isn't even a legal term might have some impact on if muller could possibly prove it one of his opeds this was after a donald trump jr went on hannity to talk about our emails he got setting up a meeting between russian agents anna his father or members of the campaign at rogers rights harvard law professor alan dershowitz stated yesterday quote it is unlikely that attendance at the meeting violated any criminal statute wells said mr dershowitz yes what words men the ship mr dershowitz better than you add rogers could have possibly come up with at rogers goes on say trump jr went on hannity last night to speak specifically about his actions granted sean hannity is not always interested in giving a complete unvarnished account of what happens in trumpworld and his questions are softballs but trump jr made some important points nonetheless and add rogers sums up those points by saying i don't think trump jr went on national television last night in told a bunch allies undoubtedly the president's enemies will believe they are justified in feeling otherwise but trump jr has little incentive to do anything but tell the truth at this point he goes over the fact that as of that riding no one had been actually charged with a crime and he says of democrats in the special counsel maybe they will get a break in someone will stumble into a crime during the investigation into the non crimes from the fall campaign well since he wrote that general flynn already admitted to a crime several others have taken a deal is pretty strong case against paul manafort and here's the last thing i'll quote.

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