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See he goes out to a dumpster on the Bristol campus. He has a cigarette, and he has a conversation with someone and we're going to find out who we had a conversation with yesterday together. All find out at once Mikey say give us our smoke break. Time for smoke. Mike. Exciting. The dishes of smoke break with Mike. I'm your host outside or make you see up by the dumpster. And I'm very excited because we've got the former co host of maybe the greatest weekend. Kitchen, my smoking. Junior joining us and I'm out of breath because I just ran because I forgot my phone interview. You're the only person I know that would attempt to sprint back from getting your phone forgetting, the one thing we came out here to do you forgot the one thing we needed for sprinted, which with your lungs is never a good idea. And now, we're just topping off with a cigarette immediate athlete. You're in a world class athlete. Cite from the from the phone he needed the cigarettes to I probably would've sprint to back for that. That's a fair point priorities. So as I said used to be the co host of the can up to face in the show, one of the greatest shows ever instigates. You seem to have landed on your feet, though, you're doing pretty well for yourselves beyond the show is still doing Golic and wingo, and and you do in football games. And you still do first and last. And he just got like named then this like lists for like, what was it? Like tap broadcasters under the age of twenty five thirty thirty at this point. You have you graduated out of the twenty five group, and I'm nearly getting under the thirty under thirty VAR. The problem is that the thirty thirty. I forget the name of the publication, and even was all people think of is the Forbes thirty under thirty. So of course, my family group check, it's a hold of this in my sister-in-law goes looking for the Forbes list, and she's like I saw like three twenty one year old CEO's and quickly realized you weren't meant to be on this list. So honored with something. I got humbled right after it. Well, enter they get a lot of the smoke break. You'll be on some other lists probably not a great list. But. I'll be one of the list, they put my hustler or something. Big news like about their car like supposedly may be crying during football game. Or did you ever cry during football? No, the almost caught me Slippin during the national championship game. We're getting steamrolled by bam on. It was like a third quarter. I got through all of like the because that was my last college football. I was dumb liability after that. So you're sitting there on the sideline kind of taking it all in. And I got it all the way in the third quarter. So after the game, I was ready ready drink, we have we had a party that was going to be planned win or lose. I if set up by the hotel, and so we're just gonna be sad beers instead of happy beers. Hey, either way they gotta get drink drink a lot of them too. Remember, it had all these great things. Like, I was going to ask you and then had this spring. Do you remember last time? He dead sprint. No. I try to avoid dead sprints at all costs. I was surprised you did it like I'm not in any rush. I didn't tell you to hurry. You force this sprint on yourself. And now you're out here. I'm worried I'm going to have to lift you out of the dumpster at some point. Got nothing else to say, thank you. For dating me another distance smoke break in the book. I love the tapping of the dumpster at the beginning. It's such a great so bad. He was woefully unprepared. And he was out of breath. And that was his final spread. But I also love the master drag. He takes the end, right? Isolate that drag or someone bad there is like that drag that he takes to the end Bill. You're shaking your head. The you've loved like you said you've been a guest on smoke breaks. I love Mikey. See he didn't seem to have like he does preparation, but his facts are usually wrong. And then he said ahead questions. Ask you. But I don't remember what they were just ended it. He took a drag of a cigarette..

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