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And we sat around a table for an hour and a half, and just talk stories as if it were yesterday as fresh as they were yesterday. And one of the stories that that we told with the end of his junior, you wanted to be a doctor in the worst way. He had not done well the previous semester with the obligations for football and things. So he came into the office and he said, coach, I'm going to quit. I'm going to quit football, not going. I wanna be a doctor. I'm gonna quit football. And so I thought to myself, oh, my goodness couldn't think of thing couldn't think of an argument that would change his mind in playing football. So I said, let's meet tomorrow morning at seven thirty and we'll talk about it. So he came back at seven thirty in the morning, and I had this impassioned speech about football, and he came back. He said, coach, I got it figured out. I'm gonna take biochemistry, one biochemistry to over these next two semesters. And if I can get a b. in each one of those courses at least be, then I'll come out and play football and sure enough. He did and he went on not get his doctors degree, but as I say, very success entrepeneurship he and his wife are involved in so many good charities down there. And it was just so good to help up with him and Jameson. I mean a spitting image. I mean, you look in the mirror with with with John offer all when you look at him. He last year at Michigan was the outstanding scout team player voted. By his teammates to show you the respect that they have for him knee-injury. Now we'll be back hopefully in another two or three weeks to play football. So and some of our other western Michigan players that we coach, we're here for this football game, so we had a chance to meet them, but that's what it's all about. And it's all about those players and being back here at Michigan where I coach back in the seventies and see those players every week at the stadium tailgating and they come up with a big spouse. They got their youngsters with them and their wives with them and their family with them. It's just a tremendous joy for us just to to be back into share those experiences. It's pretty cool. You coast the older offered all at western. Your son is coaching. The offered all son at Michigan, and they played western. You've got to get together that weekend, the big full circle to for the for that the Harbaugh offered all connection, and it goes also back to what we talked about earlier in the show with your with your son, where the walk on guys, what they. Mean to the team, people cheering them on when they get that opportunity to go out there and play in a game. And unfortunately, Jameson wasn't healthy enough to go out there and be on the field last week, but down the road. Hopefully he'll get one of those opportunities to to get on the field. Game and be cheered on by the starters that he's helped get ready for all these games against gal, team player of the year guy voted by his teammates, obviously has the respect back in the seventies before the bust. We had the bus, but the bus was like a couple of weeks later season ended, and we had our own banquet coaches and players that was it. There was, there was no outside fans or parents or anyone. I mean, it was just our team and they had two awards that were voter owned by the players, their coaches awards for this, maybe the hustler of the of the year or something. But there are only two voted by the team..

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