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An accident with a downed utility pole blocking a couple of lanes except the less than ten minutes I'm sorry Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center thank you can I read in a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for Philadelphia office emergency management that's in effect will Levin. now John B. Gregory and sons general contractor sponsors the eyewitness weather five day forecast with CVS freeze on Casey scattered showers and thunderstorms if you could be on the stronger side early then clearing skies staying warm with a low temperature at seventy degrees with guys clear out take a peek outside we have a chance at seeing the Northern Lights near the horizon overnight well our Sunday mostly sunny turning less humid with a high of seventy nine Monday a mix of sun and clouds seasonable at seventy four Tuesday we kick off October very warm mostly sunny up to eighty one record heat by Wednesday sunny skies with a high temperature soaring to ninety but then a big tumble into Thursday mostly cloudy and cooler with showers likely and a high of seventy three again a severe thunderstorm warning issued by Philadelphia office of emergency management in fact that is until Levin thirty look for high winds heavy rain and frequent lightening revised to seek shelter again a severe thunderstorm warning in effect that is until eleven thirty tonight otherwise we have over past guys out there seventy seven degrees eleven oh four set the ads coach cars to two of its regional rail line starting on Monday to offer options for those who normally drives through the reconstruction going on along a stretch of I. ninety five in Philadelphia in Bucks county he would have used John Madden before John McDevitt reports. the has least coach cars to add to the Tritton west written trains altogether yearly nineteen hundred additional seats will be available septa spokesman Andrew Burch says is an attempt to meet an increasing demand as reconstruction work on ninety five continues which has been added to the traffic congestion and so were telling folks to to take a look at the schedules it'll it'll be in effect on Monday and we're hoping that they're going to consider the sept.

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