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Do they call it proxy okay which was samples of trees which were supposed to be showing when temperature was going up and down in trouble is and these are very old trees and they could see the tree rings and actually understand whether it was hotter or colder at times in the past the trouble is all of these proxies you know treat proxies for example or not just controlled by temperature they're controlled by things like precipitation and you know whether or not the tree is invaded by insects and things like that so that's not actually something that i'm an expert in dr ball is an expert in that he's very much working on that particular field but from what i understand the problem is hockey stick showed essentially that there was fairly flat temperature for many centuries and then it suddenly skyrocketed in in the past century but in fact we know that's not true because the medieval warm period for example around two thousand ad the vikings were sailing in waters that are you know now i always covered with ice you go back even further you get to the roman period when jesus christ was on the earth and you have the minoan warm period there's all kinds of warm periods the warmest jury actually since the end of the last glacial was something called the holocene optimum and those were the days when they thought that warming was good and in fact in general warming is good and so indeed it's it's a mistake to think that the small amount of warming experienced is in any way a problem come here 'cause my guess executive director international climate science coalition tom here we have about a minute left but but but ninety seven percent of scientists believed that manmade activity is causing all these dire effects on our planet what did the ninety seven percent well you know they never ask the right question they ask scientists questions like do you think humans contribute to climate change and that maybe the case we'd probably do in fact we do in a lot of ways the real question and then they never do polls on this kind of question is they should be asking experts who focus on the causes of climate change that we will we will cause dangerous climate change in the.

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