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Hello there. I'm Mark Robins. The Kansas City Chiefs have released running back Tarim hunt tonight after video surfaced Friday afternoon, showing hunt shoving and kicking a woman in a hotel in an incident back in February. James made a quick decision on Friday evening, ESPN's NFL insider, Adam Schefter breaks down. The time line Kareem hunt, obviously was called in to the chiefs offices to explain what happened the chiefs felt he was not being truthful as they mentioned in their statement. And when both sides claimed that they saw the video this afternoon for the very first time that was when both sides acted the NFL cream on on the Commissioner's exempt list and about a half hour later that she was just flat out released him. Breaking news into ESPN. Sportscenter. George Herbert Walker. Bush the forty first president of the United States has died the evening at the age of ninety four. We move on now to college football and the Pac ten Pac twelve as a new champion, the Washington huskies the huskies knocking off Utah in the Pac twelve championship game in a defensive struggle tend to three no offensive touchdowns in this one. The only TD a Washington interception. That went for a pick six. The huskies are now set to play in the Rose Bowl. A New Year's day. The MAC championship goes to northern Illinois. The huskies with a tremendous fourth quarter rally and a touchdown pass with one or nine ago as northern Illinois beat buffalo by the final of thirty two twenty nine. The big twelve championship Oklahoma Texas tomorrow morning at eleven eastern on ESPN radio and on ABC presented by Dr Pepper. This is Freddie and Fitz Simons on ESPN radio ESPN app. on this Friday going into Saturday on the east coast, Freddie, Coleman on Freddie and Fitz Simons on the ESPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty.

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