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And while grissom could dance his capsule about in multiple axes it was slow going the kind of thing he'd been set up here to learn in the first place and the kind of thing he'd report when he got home so that future capsules could have the necessary improvements built in grissom soon released the thruster handle and then allowed the onboard computer to take control its job now was to turn the capsule around and position it so that it's blunt bottom protected by chilled faced forward preparing for the flaming plunged that was ahead we may remember the big events in history in science but it's the smallest moments can have the biggest impact there's so much to be learned from these details and you can do that by watching the great courses plus learn about anything from awardwinning experts get unlimited access to stream or download over eight thousand engaging video lectures learn about the greatest explorations inventions that changed the world even had a cook or take better photos with a great courses plus it's like sitting in on the most fascinating college courses anytime you want from wherever you are this is lifelong learning at its best the great courses plus has a course that everyone should watch now inexplicable universe dr neil degrasse tyson's dives into the heart of some of sciences greatest mysteries including black holes extraterrestrial life and multiple universes sign up for the great courses plus today to start watching as a listener to count down you will get a full month of unlimited access to all of their video lectures for free but you must go to our special url the great courses plus dot com slash countdown.

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