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That's right they thought they were loading up for super bowl trafton's got hurt you know or even this year guys like four net and mccaffrey they're going to help that quarterback to give him another weapon so that's what they can do for yep so you're back on the board connors new york jets this up you have your pick of qb to right now they have the number three pig they're probably going to get the number two quarterback based on what we have right now i don't know if connors going to hate me or love me for this but i'm going with josh rose gonna make your connor really happy i think rosen connor and i've spent so much time talking about all the reasons that josh rosen makes a lot of sense for the jets and he does i mean he fits that he fits the city he fits the style i think he's the most pro ready quarterback this year's class and it's weird that we've we come full circle with these guys do you remember the day after the draft last year you came up to new york with us and we talked about quarterbacks for next year we like okay let's let's start next year quarterback class and you were like this is where it starts it starts with darnold was your guy he's my number one is a lot of credit for darnold issue guy and i think rosen was your second guy and now look what's going to happen so they're gonna go one and two for you so that the browns come back at four on the clock and i will say i think if the draft played out like this they would probably try to trade outlet someone like the buffalo bills come up to get a quarterback if if it plays out like this they're going to be some high bidders for this number four oh my god says you want to get in front of denver yet that's like the bills are definitely going to be trying to get to this number four spot.

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