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And I can have even Jim I'll be in this. Position I out so. You know they talk a lot during draft season about level of competition like that's something like a d two player. FCS level players always fighting against his okay well. What was your competition level like your? Your Film Looks Nice, but who redoing it against You obviously get that benefit. You know a at a bigger school and a more prestigious school, but there's another aspect of that I think for team sometimes, which is the guys who played at the Notre Dame's or Clemson which I know recruited you as well and Ohio state and Miami Texas and places like that. Teams a lot of times feel like they're more prepared off the field to. They're more prepared for what the attention is like and what? The spotlight is like than than somebody who's playing at multidirectional Tanna state. You know the type of school. How much of a benefit do you think that is for somebody like you? Do you think you're better prepared to step in because you have played? You know Prime Time Games on NBC. Against Georgia and you know things like that. Do you think you're better prepared for the pressure that comes with being an NFL player because he played at such a prestigious school. so I. Mean truly our saying my mind, say absolutely now you know when you get on the fetus competing with anybody, you know whatever level it is, so I would knock D to God for the level of competition ever in 'cause if they're competitive their competitive now just for me, specifically have seen T. Haganah played them in Twentieth College Football. Playoffs I've seen Mike Payment user. These highly touted guy. I saw Austin Mac Siebel. Colin Johnson. So you're talking about procedure schools in procedures, individuals of saying you know the majority of the. Georgian prime time played on NBC night game, so yeah, absolutely no that I'm prepared I know that you know firstly hits in those moments in a lot of people may not be used to, but I've seen it a a know how to bounce back from it. A of done it all in for the long haul four years. Notre Dame will prepare you just about for anything so. I'm ready to go. Who who's the best receiver in this year's class that you've gone up against? so you know Michael Pittman had a lot like he was. He was very good. You know just the numbers that he had how he works in the office. They're spread system was was built on him. You know producing I think when he came to south, bend. We did a fantastic job of creating a game plan that allowed us to. Very much yield him, hold him down. So I think he's probably one of the best. Obviously I mentioned t higgins earlier another you know highly rated guy that are that we faced, and our think well against those guys are match. I was GONNA say. We've sort of been talking to just sort of getting to know you guys I think we can read a lot about you guys. We Google you, troy. There's a lot of information especially if Notre Dame, that cranks out all sorts of. What has been your guilty pleasure and I? Know you guys are trying to stay disciplined and make sure you've got a regimen at home in the absence of these performance trainers and nutritionists. What are you reaching for? And those moments late at night in your cupboard that maybe you shouldn't be eating in preparation for the draft I'll go ahead I'll call out Carter. Coughlin, you told us he's watching movies with his family recently went to grab lucky charms, and his brother made sure that it was a healthy milkshake. What have you found yourself? Gravitating towards especially, because we're all sort of in quarantine, eating stuff wouldn't normally eat. So for me is on the veggie straws like. My kids lots those listening zesty ranch. I can't I honestly can eat a whole bag and it's not like my best. That's that's my. That's my honest truth. Shipping, but man like when I get to eat most. Li Like I can't put them down and I definitely can't put him up, so you're not story for me. That's to us for me. I mean I feel like the Veggie. Straws are actually not as bad as a whole bag of nacho cheese doritos, but it's like once you start. You can't stop you. Know now we did talk a lot about Jalen and and cowboys. Have you gotten a chance to talk to them at all during this process either at the combine or for a video, conference or anything like that. Yes, so I've talked to. Some of the personnel Chris Whole. We had we had a loan. You know conversation just about characters like that. Some of the coaches I saw obviously summit the senior bowl. Some combine so miss. Hasn't been like a fool. Sit Down Interview. Jerry, Jones or Mike McCarthy. Most bartell's alive. The personnel and I hope that they. Understand hope the background noise. No! No, no, you're! You're good now now. I think everybody is is pretty impressed with how they handle yourself. That's one of the things you hear a lot. When you talk to people is is You know that there is high character there with Roy Pride so I'm sure everybody would like to get to know you a little bit better, so you are you ready for some? Get to know your questions. Absolutely. US listen are cool so What's the pre-game hype? Song or pre game hype artist? What are you listening to to get ready? Well Geez, I have a whole sob created like multiple platelets from multiple situations. Allow playlist on my height. My Height rappers like Jabil is from Chicago Yeah. That was Kayla Jason's go-to. Man He. I mean he could speak. He gets bars. Get the peace with it and shoe. For Game You ready to go promise you that. Title to a playlist..

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