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Driven down the left field line. It's in the corner. This ball is yard. It's a three run walk off Homer for Anthony Santander. And the Orioles line it. Their third walk off into the season. There's second one against the Yankees. And Anthony Santander awaiting a greeting from everybody at home playing. One of the Orioles had some rough comments about the restructured Camden yards I'll be talking about that with Carl ravage coming up. San Diego pirates manager bob Melvin is expected to return from prostate surgery on Friday. He had been away from the team since May 11th, Cleveland guardians start their basement José Ramírez will undergo x-rays and other tests on his right shin after he was injured in an at bat on Thursday. And by the way, guardians managed Terry Francona will miss today's game while he has some minor surgery. And some interesting news from the Cardinals. They called up top prospects Nolan Gorman, Matthew liberator. These are two of their best prospects, foreman's expected to start at second base in St. Louis's season opener against Pittsburgh. Taylor what else you got? Buster basket pods abound the Celtics tied up the Eastern Conference Finals last night, blowing out the heat at home and you can be sure that the low post with Zach Lowe and the hoop collective with Brian windhorst will be all over it. I'm sure they're gonna have new episodes out today, but even if they don't, you should subscribe to both of those podcasts as soon as those episodes drop, they will beam magically to your phone. That's the low post with Zach Lowe. And the hoop collective with Brian windhorst..

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