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One of 71 everything entertainment. If you see something, say something Oh, that is catchy, huh? Time for if you see something, say something with Donna and Steve, If you see something, Say something come on, and party tonight. Well, All right, you did it. Have hobo Max. And so Watched Alain versus Pharaoh Center. Know how long I'm gonna have HBO? Max. I'm just trying to do the trendy things. I finished flight attendant and tell you about that a little while later, Okay? And then I watched Episode one Um, I have to tell you Going into this. I am largely unfamiliar per only peripherally familiar with Woody Allen in general, and, um so I This was Quasi new information for me, Okay, I've heard rumors and rumblings, but I've never, ever done a deep dive on this topic before. I had never seen Dylan Farrow to my knowledge ever in my life, okay? Um They they They did a good job of setting it up where They show you the career of Woody Allen and his charm and all of that, so they really take a long time. With that part about the 1st 30 Minutes is just this setup of Mia Farrow, Woody Allen. How they became a couple and all of that kind of stuff. I'll give you a few takeaways that I had, okay. First of all, Suni is her name? Yes. What the hell? Right. What in the hell were you Not familiar with that part of the story Only peripherally. Okay. So like yet kind of Yes, But if anybody pressed me on any follow up questions or what do you know? But I would know nothing more than and I was like this. A rumor or not, Um So just so I'm making sure I and I saw this correctly last night and I can play dummy for everybody. Okay? Woody Allen gets together with Mia Farrow. She has adopted Children, one of them being suni. One soon, he turns 18 Woody Island allegedly takes nude photos of her and then in 19, not long after they got like, formally together. Correct? Yes. So And then he married her married her. They're married today. Yes, they are. Um So that is extremely Not okay. Is my my articulation of this all creepiest weird long Was he the step, Dad? Um Sense having old maybe, like, I don't know. Eight years. Maybe. Was it that long? I thought maybe, like, five years or something. I'm thinking toe win Was Dylan Did they have Dylan was Dylan Dylan was adopted was adopted because he wanted a blond girl, baby. Did they have any kids together? They had one Was it Ronan? It was Roman. Okay, who is allegedly the son of Frank Sinatra. We'll save that. Yes, it.

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