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What he's saying can i ask what can i say so are you saying that rothlisberger response is desired one from the steelers in other words he's the one is steven said talking about oh i don't know i'm not retired i don't know what i'm gonna do so like okay you're not committed we have a quarterback is that them try you're saying that's them lighting a fire so then rothlisburger response is what they're looking for right rossler is rothlisberger has response in my interpretation is one of irradiation and motivation and if that's what they wanted that's what they got because i think ben will be this move will motivate ben to be more to the steelers what i'm saying is that i understand it if the question was would i have a problem with what the steelers were saying what the steelers the motivation behind all of this was the answer would have been fatted no for those precise reasons teddy the problem is it was been rothlisberger that opened his mouth to local radio saying what he said and that's my issue with it because i'm saying he's got some mhm nerve yeah got a lot of nerve saying that that's on the way he's waffled and so the steelers are basically basically saying please shut your mouth because now we're drafting somebody in the third round that possibly can be your successor so now is there competition i don't know if this is competition to ben rothlisberger or not but it's shown ges the mindset of an aging quarterback it's it's part of the reason why there were the garoppolos and the breath sets and the third round picks in the fifth round picks constantly over the course of tom brady's career because it's not only developing and then trading and getting extra picks or whatever it may be it's keeping competition in the most important room on the team keeping you on your real quick before.

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