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But there is a possibility that sometimes but I your turn on new York are probably New Jersey Jack Barsky get out again the president spoke before boarding marine one on his way to see off a hospital ship headed to new York's harbor New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he recently spoke to trump but not about a possible quarantine Cuomo said quote I don't even know what that means Scott dentro NPR news Washington California governor Gavin Newsom is banning evictions of renters affected by the corona virus it lasts through the end of may several California cities had already blocked infections but NPR's ana Jaffe reports Newsom's order extends the protections statewide Newsom's order requires tenants who can't pay their rent to notify their landlords in writing no more than seven days after the rent is due valid reasons are loss of work because of the shutdown of most businesses were because the tenant or a family member is infected renters would have to retain documentation such as pink slips or pay stubs tenants would still have to pay their background when the order expires state senator Scott Wiener said that the measure did not go far enough because it does not prevent a flood of evictions from being enforced as soon as the emergency period is over I know Jaffe NPR news former senator Tom Coburn has died at the age of seventy two as NPR's Colin Dwyer reports the Oklahoma Republican earned a reputation for fighting federal spending no matter whom he angered in the process before he was elected the mid nineteen nineties Tom Coburn was a position but during his nearly two decades in Congress first in the house and then in the Senate Coburn earned a different kind of title Dr no he crusaded against government spending even put out an annual based book cataloguing right he found to be the most flagrant examples of it and he said it didn't matter to him which party was responsible here he is talking with NPR in two thousand six we're not here to raise money for campaigns we're here to make the tough hard long term decisions it's going to secure the future for the country governs former communications director said the senator died after a long battle with prostate cancer Colin Dwyer NPR news this is NPR from KQED news I'm Queenie Kim president Donald Trump signed a two trillion dollar economic relief bill yesterday KQED's guy Maserati is here to explain how the bill will affect us here in the bay and guy I think was top of mind for most folks right now is all the people who are out of work how is this bill expected to help them right well I think that's definitely top of mind where in the bay area this region wide lockdown has forced so many businesses to close lay off workers the biggest piece in this bill on that and it's a huge expansion of unemployment insurance if you're a minimum wage worker in the bay area making six hundred dollars from a job every week typically that unemployment is caps below three hundred dollars now Californians get to get that state unemployment and then get another six hundred dollars every week on top of that through the end of July and where does this leave gig workers consider independent contractors they don't traditionally qualify for unemployment rates typically they don't but those workers were included in this release bell so for example if you're an uber or a lift driver on the side and you've been laid off from your main job or have their hours cut you'd still apply for unemployment whatever that means W. two is coming from but if you're fully self employed those independent contractors will have access to a separate emergency funds through the end of the year where they can get unemployment and get that extra six hundred dollars a week for the next few months all right I know this is a massive bill but I'm sure there's folks who feel like they're wanting more right that would be California state government I mean look the state government's going to get an estimated fifteen billion dollars in that bill sounds like a lot but our state budget is going to take a huge hit as we see income tax sales tax capital gains tax all declining that's the money that's paying for frontline health needs first responders Medicaid our schools so state leaders already saying they're gonna need more than this bill provides all right that's KQED's guy Marsha Roddy and I'm Queenie camp KQED news support comes from personal capital offering online money tools to give users a three hundred sixty degree view of all their money personal capital dot com support for NPR comes from the Joyce foundation committed to advancing racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation in.

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